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Baby Bunny Memorial Page
This page helped me more than any. This is a memorial to babies now in heaven, submitted by parents.
Molar Pregnancy - Topic Overview - WebMD Health
This site clearly explains what a molar pregnancy is. Also covered is a partial molar pregnancy. Covers diagnosis, symptoms, causes, and treatment.
Toni Angel Pages
Links to support. Also, the author of this page has been missing for some time and foul play is suspected. Check out the details of the case.
Provides links and gives wonderful ideas to remember you child.
Still Fathers
From webpage - "Still Fathers is a new resource for such fathers, providing support, encouragement, and a place to touch base."
Fertility Plus
A wonderful list of resources, support groups, chat rooms, etc.
Molar Pregnancy
Information and facts about a molar pregnancy
SHARE Atlanta
A wonderful page with tips on grief,several poems from parents, etc.
INCIID Chat Rooms
"A gathering place for those suffering from miscarriage, stillbirth, or other perinatal loss." Has miscarriage chat, infertility chat and other chat rooms.

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Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Page

I started this website in 1998 after I suffered a miscarriage/ partial molar pregnancy. I never dreamed that this site would be a help for others as well as a healing tool for myself. Please enjoy your stay here and I hope that you wil find something here that will help you.

Life is a very precious thing. A child is a very special gift, no matter how small. A saying from a specific culture I heard several months ago considered a child's birthday the date of conception. This comforted me, because I lost a child in the 12th week due to Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, or a partial molar pregnancy. I was devastated, and then the possibility of cancer arose. This disease that claimed my child's life carries a slight chance of cancer. Grief and fear are two scary emotions. I looked for support, but no one could relate. I had never heard of this before, and neither had anyone else. This all comes down to the reason for this page. I want this to be a support to other mothers who have lost their little angels, no matter how young. I have found sites that can offer support and help during tough times. Please e-mail me if I have missed any sites. I did find some ideas that gave me strength. Giving a name to my lost child helped, so this page is dedicated to Erin, mommy's little angel.

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