Webville Mall is a great place to viist, even If I do say so myself. A place where you can go shopping, even at night, and feel safe

The school system is overseen by JokerV. He is the head of the School Board. Even if he has a business to run, he never neglects his School Board Duties

I am not going to allow large bill boards advertising this and that. Also, you will not see signs around the city.

At any office in city hall you will find a listing of property available. Only one small problem. The builder forgot the bathrooms. In some homes there are no bedrooms.

Look at the Shops and leave the children at the Day Care. Pay your utility bills at City Hall. They do accept money.

Hours there are from 9:00 AM until 4:00PM. Closed for lunch from 12:00 to 1:00

Later, I hope to add to the Mall A Zoo for the kids. A Movie Theatre for the larger kids. A park for picnics. No walking the dogs, please.

There is a rumor that an Airport might be built outside the City. Also, one that a Big Corporation might build a plant.

A large plant for the making of: Toilet Tissue. They should wipe up on that. So, the mall is really growing.

This winter I plan on having: Ice skating, & singing at Christmas Time. Holiday dinners for all my friends in the neighboring towns. Thanksgiving for all the crows. And, I almost forgot. I will have an opening for a Scarecrow. Part Time that is,

What did it cost you to become a part of the Mall you ask??? The cost to become a part of the

Bears' Alt: Disuss Mall

Your desire to become a part of a funny, fun loving place

And, of course, some witty remarks from me. hehe I have linked back to your home-page from the store that you own.

All shops have been filled, thank you very much.

Check out the CITY HALL, before going to see da.. MALL

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