OFFICE 1 and 2

The Mayor spends most of his time in overalls.

Over seeing the building of this fair city.

So, if you have city business, you will find him on a construction site in one of the BIG trucks.

Or, you can visit him at home, as long as you don't come when it is daylight.

Dah mayor is a busy guy with the construction also, he is TOM UPALLNYTE and he is up all night too..hehe


I really appreciate my Attorney.

The builders of the subdivision really cost me money.

They were:

Mr. I M A Crook.

Mr. I Gotcha.

Mr. U R A Sucker.

But, he is doing a fine job getting those guys.

My attorney STONECOLD can be found here. Great Lawyer..


The fire Chief comes to me from the big city of WEED. CA.

Has loads of experience fighting garbage can fires.

From what I am told, he will be holding surprise fire inspections and safety also.

When Loren isn't at the fire station, you can find him at home helping Mary, his wife with



Wonderful News!!!

The Phone Co. is offering now 27 party lines.

That is a drop from 300 to a line.

Now, it should only take you 2 hours to make a call.

Phone bills can be paid here on the 5th Thursday of every month.

From 11:pm until 12 midnight.

And, the new billing system promises you your bill to arrive promptly on the 6th Thursday of the month.

The little old phone guy is CYBER JUNKIES COOL STUFF Does this mean that he collects junk?? hehe


The newspaper is a weekly.

Some times there is nothing to report.

But, the newspaper fellow always makes sure that you get to read something.

Even if he has to buy a comic book and take it from there.

The news office is small so, he shares it with that crabby old BELLE, that runs the post office.

Ye old newspaper guy is KATMANDU great wedding album to read here.

The Postmistress is an old maid.

She really doesn't like to be bothered.

If you want to rent a PO BOX, there is only a 5 year waiting period.

The cost is minimal.

$75.00 an hour.

Of course, stamps are going up again.

They are now 3 cents each for 1st class letters.

Will it never stop?

The little old post mistress can be found ---> over this way. BELLE Not over <--- that way..hehe

The new Zoo, is underway.

But, the new Zoo Keeper needed an office.

Wish she had not brought her pets in too.

Cute little fellows.

Sure could get a lot of hugs from all those arms.

The charge to enter the Zoo will be reasonable.




$96.50 plus, a security deposit of $350.00.

Hours will be:

Sunday, 11 pm until 3 am.

Please, do not feed the animals.

You can go and see TUANNA'S PLACE right here...Pretty Neat Place....

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