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US Attack on Iraq
Wednesday April 2, 2003--Muharram 29, 1424 A.H





Iraqis, not US, must run post-war Iraq: British PM
(Updated at 1805 PST) 
LONDON: Iraq must be governed by Iraqis as soon as the US-led war to overthrow President Saddam Hussein is over, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Wednesday, a foreign news agency reported.

Iraq in the end should not be run by the Americans, British or any other outside force or power, he told MPs in his weekly question period in the House of Commons.

It should be run for the first time in decades by the Iraqi people, he 
said in his most strongly-word statement yet on what Iraq should look like once Saddam's regime has fallen.

Blair reiterated Britain's determination to see that any interim post-war 
administration in Iraq is endorsed by the United Nations, amid concern that Washington intends to put Americans in charge in Baghdad.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was traveling Wednesday to Berlin, then on to NATO headquarters in Brussels, for talks focusing on post-war Iraq and its reconstruction.

One third French's want Iraqi victory in War: Survey
(Updated at 1755 PST)
LONDON: The differences between Britain and Iraq have taken a new dimension as 54 percent Britishers does not consider France a closer ally of Britain, said a survey conducted by a British newspaper.

While in a survey conducted in France one third of the French want end of the war on victory of Iraq over the allies.

11 bodies found on US PoW rescue mission: US sources
(Updated at 1745 PST)
AS-SALIYAH, Qatar: US troops found 11 unidentified bodies 
during a mission to rescue a female comrade taken prisoner by Iraqi forces, a  US officer said Wednesday.

Malaysia demands end of Iraq war
(Updated at 1735 PST)
KUALALAMPUR: Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Baradi castigating US-led attack on Iraq demanded immediate end of the war, a foreign news agency reported on Wednesday.

He said Malaysia is not against the people of USA, it is against the Iraq policy of USA.

Central Command claims Republican Guard's division destroyed
(Updated at 1725 PST)
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar (AP) _ American forces, which crossed the
Tigris River in the drive toward the Iraqi capital, destroyed the Baghdad Division of Iraq's Republican Guard, the U.S. Central Command said Wednesday.

The U.S. forces seized the strategic town of Kut, to the
southeast of the capital, and routed the Republican Guard division
force that had been guarding the highway leading to Baghdad.

The Baghdad Division has been destroyed, claimed Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks. He said that two other Republican Guard divisions had been engaged around the city of Karbala, southwest of Baghdad, and that
coalition forces had seized control of a dam on Lake al-Milh. Some analysts had feared the Iraqis would try to destroy the dam and trap U.S. forces with the resulting flood.


Two foreigners arrested for alleged links with al-Qaida
(Updated at 1645 PST)
KARACHI: FBI and police in a joint operation arrested two foreign citizens suspected to have links with al-Qaida terrorist network, the Geo News Channel reported on Wednesday.

Suspects Al-Swakhar and Gibran are citizens of Iraq and Algiers, who were arrested from Gulistan-e-Jauhar locality in Karachi. They were enrolled in Dhaka university and having passports of Bangladesh, sources said. A 15 kilometer range transistor, walki-talkie and arms were recoved from them.

Coalition forces attacking holy places: al-Sahhaf
(Updated at 1635 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi Information Minister Said al-Sahhaf said the coalition forces have targeted civilian areas of Najaf with intense bombing and warned allies to avoid lower flights over holy shrines of Imam Hussain (RA) and Imam Abbas (RA), a TV report said on Wednesday.

He said the people of Iraq have condemned allies bombardment on the Muslim holy places. The coalition planes bombardment has also damaged various mosques and Imambargahs, he told.

In recent air attacks 84 Iraqi people were killed and ten injured. Iraqi forces valiantly fighting the US and British troops in Karbala and Najaf, he said and claimed destroying three tanks by the Iraqi troops in combat. 

The US and British troops tried to cross the Al-Zubair bridge but they were resisted and a copter of allies was destroyed, he added.

Iraq has yet used its 1/3 troops: Saddam 

(Updated at 1630 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi President Saddam Hussain said Wednesday Iraq has used its lesser then one third of the troops while the enemy is using its full might in aggression against Iraq, a TV news channel reported.

In a message to the people of Iraq, Saddam Hussain asked the Iraqi troops in Nasriyya to set an example of resistance for the people of Iraq.

Saddam chairs meeting, TV says, no pictures
(Updated at 1630 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein chaired a meeting 
with top advisors, state television said Wednesday, without airing images from the gathering.

Bahrain expels Iraqi ambassador
(Updated at 1620 PST)
MANAMA: Bahrain government Wednesday asked the Iraqi ambassador to leave the country, a press report said. Egypt has also expelled an Iraqi diplomat. 

Kurdish rebels advance on Mosul as Iraqi troops fall back
(Updated at 1610 PST)
ARBIL, Iraq: Iraqi troops fell back on Mosul overnight 
allowing Kurdish rebels to advance 10 to 15 kilometres (six to 10 miles) 
towards the northern metropolis along the main road from Guwer to the east, security sources said Wednesday.

The US troops have reached at 30 miles distance from Baghdad, a foreign news agency reported. 

Meanwhile, South Korea's National Assembly on Wednesday approved the dispatch of 700 non-combatant troops in support of the US-led war in Iraq.

Demonstrators in Sydney burn US flag
(Updated at 1600 PST)
CANBERRA: In an antiwar rally in Sydney demonstrators burnt the US flag while speakers condemned war on Iraq, said a press report.

Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.


Russia protests near-hit of its Baghdad embassy 
(Updated at 1500 PST)
MOSCOW: Russia said Wednesday it handed the US ambassador to Moscow a protest after bombs fell near the Russian embassy in Baghdad and placed the lives of its diplomats there under threat, a foreign news agency reported.

The foreign ministry statement said several bombs fell on a civilian district of Baghdad where the Russian embassy is located. 

Moscow further called on the United States "to take urgent measures to make sure that such dangerous and unacceptable incidents do not happen again".

Senate unanimously denounces war on Iraq 
(Updated at 1430 PST)
ISLAMABAD: Senate Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution against the Anglo-American aggression in Iraq, a press report said.

The resolution presented in the house by a MMA senator Professor Khursheed Ahmed was backed by the senators of treasury and the opposition including Mian Raza Rabbani, Sami-ul-Haq, Waseem Sajjad, Kamil Agha and others.

The Senate in the resolution expressed its anger over the violation of the UN charter by the coalition forces and regretted killing of innocent Iraqi civilians in the war and urged diplomatic solution of the problem. The Senate also expressed solidarity with the people of Iraq.

USA assured to observe Geneva convention: spokesman
(Updated at 1330 PST)
LONDON: United States had assured observance of the Geneva convention for Iraqi prisoners of war, said a spokesman of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday.

We are discussing the Red Cross over Iraqi behaviour with the allies POW's, he told to a British newspaper correspondent.

Red Cross has reportedly asked the USA and Britain to avoid sending 300 Iraqi civilian fighters to the US base in Guantanamo Bay and urged observance of the Geneva convention as the resistance fighters are POW's.

US soldier refuses joining duty after war
(Updated at 1300 PST)
WASHINGTON: A young US marine reserver Carl Stephensen refused to join the duty after the war saying I was not aware of the brutalities of the war, said a press report. 

Calling himself the prisoner of conscience he called joint the US armed forces his mistake. He said the war training is meant to kill others, which is inhuman.

British soldier killed in ammunition depot blast
(Updated at 1220 PST)
BAGHDAD: A British soldier was killed as an ammunition dump was exploded in Iraq, a British TV channel reported on Wednesday.

27 British soldiers were killed in the war on Iraq, the report further said.

US troops launch offensive over Fidayeen near Najaf
(Updated at 1130 PST)
LONDON: The US forces have launched a big assault on Fidayeen of Saddam in Najaf a British TV reported on Wednesday. 
Allies B-52 bombers pound over Mosul, while intense fighting was reported near Karbala among the US forces and Iraqi Republican Guards.
Meanwhile, the US troops crossed through the Karbala gap, a 
major gateway towards Baghdad in what appeared to be a major drive 
on the Iraqi capital.

Decisive battle for Baghdad started: Coalition commander
(Updated at 1100 PST)
BAGHDAD: Intense fighting was going on in the west of Baghdad, reported a British TV channel on Wednesday.

Decisive attack on Baghdad was launched told a coalition commander to the channel. About one hundred thousand allied troops were present in Iraq, said the report.

US-led ground offensive on Baghdad "within 48 hours": British press
(Updated at 0850 PST)
LONDON: US-led forces are poised for an "imminent" attack on Baghdad which according to senior military sources at US Central Command in Qatar is likely to begin "within 48 hours," the British media said Wednesday.

The "big push" for Baghdad would begin "within 48 hours" with an intensive artillery bombardment supported by close air cover before the main body of troops stepped forward, said The Times.

The assault is likely to start to the southwest of Baghdad with an initial strike to breach Iraq's elite Medina division's lines north of Karbala and head on to the capital, it said.

The reports came as a senior US defense official in Washington said US troops had fought Iraq's elite Republican Guard near Karbala, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad.

The battle marked the first time "ground forces have been fully engaged against Republican Guards," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"Intensive air strikes on the front lines of Republican Guard units had approximately halved their capability, setting the stage for a frontal ground attack within 48 hours," said The Financial Times.

The attack followed days of intensive bombing of the Medina, Baghdad, Hammurabi and Al Nida divisions of the Republican Guard, Iraq's best trained, best armed and most loyal forces.

US F-14 fighting plane crashes down in S. Iraq: No fatality
(Updated at 0715 PST)
WASHINGTON: A US F-14 fighting plane has crashed down in South Iraq, slightly injuring its pilots, sources informed Wednesday.

The accident occurred due to engine fault.

US military should avoid using cluster bombing: Human Rights Group
(Updated at 0715 PST)
A human rights group said Wednesday US infantry soldiers should avoid using cluster bombing and bombardment used in a huge quantity in the on-going US-led war in Iraq. 

The HR group said several bombs doe not blast after falling on the target point that is putting the innocent citizens' lives at stake.

UN dispatches aid supplies to S. Iraq
(Updated at 0700 PST)
UNITED NATIONS: United Nations has begun sending its aid supplies to mostly war-torn area, South Iraq, said a report on Wednesday.

Huge explosions rock central Baghdad; smoke spews from Republican Guard palace

(Updated at 0650 PST)
BAGHDAD, Iraq: Huge explosions shattered the silence across Baghdad early Wednesday, with blasts rocking the center of the city and a plume of white smoke rising from the southern end of the Old Palace grounds in the capital.

More explosions hit Baghdad in the 30 minutes after the first blast at 3 a.m. Afterward, the sound of intermittent explosions and occasional bursts of antiaircraft fire could be heard in the distance.

The Old Palace, the ceremonial seat of government on the west bank of the Tigris, is also home to a camp for Saddam Hussein's vaunted Republican Guard. Rarely used openly by Saddam, it has been a frequent target of the nightly aerial attacks on the city of 5 million people.

Hours earlier, President Saddam Hussein called for a jihad _ a holy war _ on the U.S.-led ``aggressors'' waging war on Iraq, according to a statement read Tuesday night, by his information minister.

"The aggression that the aggressors are carrying out against the stronghold of faith is an aggression on the religion, the wealth, the honor and the soul and an aggression on the land of Islam,'' Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf read on national television Tuesday night. 

"Therefore, jihad is a duty in confronting them,'' he added, saying "those who are martyred will be rewarded in heaven. Seize the opportunity, my brothers.'' The message was aired at the end of a day marked by a steady stream of powerful explosions on Baghdad and points south. 

US prisoner of war rescued: official
(Updated at 0640 PST) 
CAMP AS SALIYAH, Qatar: US forces freed a prisoner of war during a rescue operation in Iraq, US Central Command announced on Wednesday.

US Chief Commander signaled for a "big attack" on Baghdad

(Updated at 0615 PST)
KUWAIT CITY: Pentagon high officials said Wednesday US chief Commander deployed in Iraq was given green light for a big attack on Baghdad, said a report.

British soldier killed in armored vehicle accident in Gulf
(Updated at 0610 PST)
British Defence Minister said Wednesday a British soldier was killed in an armored vehicle accident in Gulf. 

The relatives of the deceased have been informed. So far around 27 British soldiers have been killed in on-going war in Iraq, according to British TV channel.

Australia to slash its naval aid to US for its war in Iraq
(Updated at 0600 PST)
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: Australia said Wednesday it will slash down it naval aid to USA for its war in Iraq, sources reported.

Australian Defence Minister said Canberra would call back its two big ships by the end of this month presently deployed in Gulf.

America uncertain if Saddam alive or dead: White House spokesman
(Updated at 0530 PST)
The White House spokesman said Wednesday American is yet unsure about Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein either being alive or dead.

This he said in his press briefing. He said after the overthrow of Saddam regime, countries across the wold would be encouraged to play their role in rebuilding of Iraq.

Al-Ansarul-Islam camp in Iraq seized, crucial papers, CDs recovered: report
(Updated at 0515 PST)
WASHINGTON: US military forces claimed Wednesday they have seized a camp of an Islamic organization, Al Ansarul-Islam, and have recovered some important documents and computer CDs, US TV channel reported.

Quoting US military spokesman, the channel said the CDs and docuents contain very crucial information pertaining Arab warriors and their strategic planning.

US-led over-head attack on innocent Iraqis is terrorism: Anan

(Updated at 0450 PST)
UNITD NATIONS: Terming US aerial attacks on Iraq tantamount to flagrant terrorism, UN General Secretary Kofi Anan said Wednesday many persons across the world consider the US attacks and bombardment on innocent people and children in Iraq an act of terrorism against them. 

Talking to reports at the UN's presidential office in New York, he said much has been talked about discussion on the war in Iraq and possibilities for convening UN assembly's session on the war issue.

Ten US soldiers killed in Najaf
(Updated at 0445 PST)
Clashes between Iraqi and allied forces at several locations in Iraq were reported Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fighting was reported also in the outskirts of Nasiryya, according to Iraqi authorities adding that as many as ten US soldiers were killed Najaf and their twenty vehicles were taken into custody.

Pile-up of weapons recovered from under an Iraqi school building
(Updated at 0430 PST)
LONDON: Allied forces claimed early Wednesday to have recovered a huge pile-up of weapons lying under a school building in Iraq. 

The weapons recovered that were amassed into two rooms included Mortar fireballs, Rocket Grenades and the bullets of Machine gun. 

Rumsfeld denies any negotiations with Iraq; war to contiue
(Updated at 0045 PST)
WASHINGTON: Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld denied on Tuesday that the United States is negotiating an end to war with Iraq. ``The only thing the coalition will discuss with this regime is their unconditional surrender,'' he said.

Rumsfeld said President Saddam Hussein's government had been planting rumors that U.S. officials were talking to Iraqi leaders, with the goal of convincing Iraqi citizens that ``the coalition does not intend to finish the job.''

Speaking directly to the Iraqi public, Rumsfeld denied such rumors and accused Saddam's government of lying. ``There are no negotiations taking place,'' Rumsfeld said. ``There is no outcome to this war that will leave Saddam Hussein and
his regime in power.''

Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said serious combat is already underway against Iraqi forces, and there will be ``bigger pushes that will be underway as soon as we're ready.'' But he gave no indication of the timing of an assault on

Rumsfeld said U.S. and British forces are positioned around the Iraqi capital from the north, south and west. ``The circle is closing,'' he said. The defense secretary said Iraqi Republican Guard units ``have been taking a pounding'' for several days. ``They're being attackedfrom the air, they're pressured from the ground, and in good time they won't be there.''

Myers launched a spirited defense of the U.S. military strategy being used in Iraq, which has been criticized for underestimating the extent of Iraqi resistance and sending in too few troops. Myers said military critics of the plan are ``not being responsiblemembers of the team that put this all together. ... It is not helpful to have those comments.''

``This subject is not useful,'' Myers continued. ``It's not good for our troops, and it's not accurate.'' He said Gen. Tommy Franks, commander of the forces in Iraq, has received everything he sought in terms of resources and manpower.

Coalitions forces face defeat at every juncture: Iraqi Defence Minister
(Updated at 0015 PST)
Iraqi Defence Minister Lieutenant General Sultan Hashim said so far every planning of the US-led coalition forces have be unsuccessful in Iraq, facing defeat at every juncture in the war on Iraq.

In his press briefing on the current war scenario in Iraq, he apprised the journalists with up-to-now war development in Iraq with the help of land map of Iraq. 

He also informed their forces' unwavering resistance to the coalition forces at Nasiryya, Basra and many other place.