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Robert Fisk: For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression

America's war of 'liberation' may be over. But Iraq's war of liberation from the Americans is just about to begin

17 April 2003


War on Iraq

Robert Fisk: For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression
America's war of 'liberation' may be over. But Iraq's war of liberation from the Americans is just about to begin..17 April 2003,  Independent UK

Its Not Too Late to Face Reality - Apr 17 2003
Khaled Al-Maeena, Editor in Chief
( Arab News)

US advisor quits over Iraq museum looting - Apr 17 2003 Al-Jazeera

Robert Fisk: Library books, letters and priceless documents are set ablaze in final chapter of the sacking of Baghdad , 15 April 2003- Independent UK

Leading cleric hacked to death in mosque Apr 10, 2003..Independent UK
Anti-war protests flare day after Iraqi regime crumbles  Apr 10 2003, http://www.jang-group.com/

The war was launched to capture the oil resources of Iraq," MMA president Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani  Apr 10 2003

The UN secretary-general should immediately resign by accepting his ineffective role in stopping the war in Iraq, Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani,  Apr 10, 2003

Just Tell Us The Truth - CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney. Apr 06,2003

Apr 02 2003 --Summary 
Apr 01 2003 --Summary ( Shrine of Hazarat Abdul Qadir Jilani is safe: US embassy)
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Mar 27 2003-- Summary
Robert Fisk: 'It was an outrage, an obscenity Mar 27
Christians see chance to bring Jesus to Iraq Mar 27

I am burning with fury because my country has been betrayed Mar 24
Mar 23 2003--Summary
We Bomb, They Suffer Mar 23 2003
This war is wrong, but unstoppable. So we must fight for the peace Mar 23 2003

The day in quotes  Mar 20 2003
Comments from around the world as the war in Iraq gets under way
  Mar 20 2003
Protests flare across globe as US strikes Iraq   Mar 20 2003
US Attack on Iraq   Mar 20 2003

The Real Islam In The Two Faces of Islam the journalist Stephen Schwartz argues that in order to appreciate the pluralist, tolerant side of Islam, we must confront its ugly, extremist side Mar 20 2003

The Dumbest President..CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney .Mar 16 2003
Muslim world stands by Iraqis  Mar 14 2003

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif   Dec 19 2002
Muslims urge Saddam to step down   Dec 18 2002
Prominent Islamic scholar Dr. Hamidullah Dies at 95   Dec 17 2002
Hate Based Campaign helps Gandhi's Assassins Gain Power in Gujarat December 16, 2002 

Nobel winner Carter urges Israel to withdraw from  territories December 10, 2002
Ramadan in Chittagong  Nov 13 2002
Ramadan 'a month of cleansing'  Nov 13 2002

All Muslims are brethren, says Noorani    Dec 20 2001
Eid Reflections    Dec 17
Who Is Trying To Damage Islam?  
No surprise at rumours of new atrocities by our 'foot-soldiers'
By Robert Fisk  
News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International * - 13 November 2001
Taliban hold under 20 percent of country: opposition   -Nov 14 2001
Clinton calls terror a U.S. debt to past   -Nov 8, 2001
Axworthy urges action to help starving Afghans   -  Nov 8 2001
Muslims, Sikhs slam `insidious' terror bill   -  Nov 7, 2001
The politics of equal dignity   - Haroon Siddiqui , Nov 6, 2001
Another 800 volunteers enter Kunar for Jihad  Nov 5, 2001
Optics bad for America in battle over Afghanistan  Nov 4, 2001
Religious leaders may visit Kabul Oct 16, 2001
The Coming Apocalypse
US act termed terrorism Oct 9, 2001
Noorani backs Pakistan stand Oct 8, 2001
Accepting a 'helpful' role Oct 7, 2001
Religious parties call strike for today Sept 21, 2001
MYC fully supports strike call -Sept 21, 2001

Feb 25, 2001 Islamic schools a `safe space'
Many parents, especially newcomers to Canada, work two or three jobs to send their children to religious schools which emphasize
Feb 08, 2001 Boy Killed at Galludet University Identified Himself as a Muslim - www.amconline.org 

"Ben identified himself as a Muslim." At about age 13, Ben developed an interest in Islam and began studying the Koran and attended a mosque in San Antonio. He said he wanted to one day marry a Muslim woman and raise a family."

Jan 29, 2001

Earthquake in India
India toll: Officials fear `not less than 20,000 - Toronto Star

In Anjar, 50 kilometres southeast of the hardest-hit town, Bhuj, a 3-year-old girl was unearthed from the rubble alive."She was chanting some Arabic verses,'' said a soldier who helped rescue the toddler. "She was totally unscathed.''

Nov 26, 2000 Islamic Values influence on Norwegian youth culture? - The Norway Post
Teenagers influence each other. Norwegian boys have begun to greet each other by shaking hands, a trait which teenagers from a foreign background have brought with them into the youth environment.
Muslims are generally family oriented, and have values which shape rules for how they live.
Mar 29,2000 Permission granted for Muslim prayer calls in Oslo - The Norway Post
The local council of the Old Town in Oslo has granted permission for a weekly prayer call from the mosque of the World Islamic Mission
May 31, 1999 They Share a Homeland - and little else - Toronto Star
Middle Eastern immigrants `a diversity within a diversity'
Jan 23 , 1999 It's a world within a city but does it work for all? - Toronto Star
Jan 12, 1999 Community service ordered over hate pamphlets - Toronto Star