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US Attack on Iraq
Sunday March 23, 2003--Muharram 18, 1424 A.H.



Saddam injured in missile strike on Baghdad: British minister
(Updated at 1930 PST)
LONDON: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein probably survived a cruise missile attack on leadership compounds in Baghdad but was reportedly taken away in an ambulance, British Foreign Office minister Mike O'Brien told a British news channel on Sunday.

US soldiers missing in Iraq, could be POWS : Rumsfeld
(Updated at 1900 PST)
WASHINGTON: The United States believes some US troops have gone missing in Iraq and could be held as prisoners of war by the Iraqi military, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday in a press report.

The Pentagon believes 10 soldiers may be missing in Iraq, US General Richard Myers, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff told the media.

Coalition forces attack Karbala; capture Basra airport: report
(Updated at 1830 PST)
KARBALA, Iraq: The coalition warplanes Sunday attacked the holy city of Karbala, reported an Arabian TV channel without giving any further details.

Meanwhile, the coalition forces have captured the Basra airport and intense fighting between the Iraqi and coalition forces were also reported.


US special forces flown into Sulaymaniya
(Updated at 1800 PST)
SULAYMANIYA,Iraq: United States special forces teams have begun flying into Sulaymaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan to help with the battle against an alleged al-Qaeda-linked group and prepare for the opening of a northern front against Baghdad, a senior Kurdish official told a foreign news agency on Sunday.


Coalition warplane's pilot ejected over river Tigris
(Updated at 1710 PST)
BAGHDAD: A coalition forces pilot Sunday ejected by parachute over the river Tigris, said a press report.

He was the pilot of the plane downed during an air attack by the coalition bombers on Baghdad, said the Iraqi officials.

Iraqi security personnel are searching for the pilot along the banks of river Tigris.


Forty British troops killed in Iraq war
(Updated at 1600 PST)
WASHINGTON: 40 British troops killed in the war against Iraq, an American TV channel reported Sunday.

Two British helicopters and a warplane were also downed.

Iraq to show US PoW's photos on TV
(Updated at 1600 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin Ramazan said Sunday that the photos of the US prisoners of the war will be shown on the television, said a press report. 


Iraqi leader calls the world to oppose US war
(Updated at 1520 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi Vice President Taha Yasin Ramazan said Sunday Iraq downed five warplanes and two helicopters of the coalition forces, said a press report.

USA was misleading the world with its tall claims of the coalition forces victories, the Iraqi leader said in a press conference in Baghdad.

The US-led forces will face stiff resistance in every part of Iraq he said. He also appealed the world community for opposing the war imposed over the Iraqi people.


US air strikes on Basra kill 77 civilians, wound 366: al-Sahhaf
(Updated at 1450 PST)
BAGHDAD: Seventy-seven civilians were killed and 366 others injured by US air strikes on the southern Iraqi city of Basra, Information Minister Mohammad Said al-Sahhaf said Sunday.


Four Jordanians killed in coalition missile attack 
(Updated at 1430 PST)
AMMAN: Four Jordanian students were killed when a missile exploded near their car as they were driving out of Mosul, in northern Iraq, to flee US and British bombardments, sources said Sunday.

British air force plane hit by US missile: US spokesman
(Updated at 1410 PST)
AS-SALIYHAH, Qatar: A Royal Air Force plane listed missing after an operation in the Gulf late Saturday-early Sunday was hit by a US Patriot missile, a US military official told the media here Sunday.

US planes strike Ansar-ul-Salam in northern Iraq
(Updated at 1350 PST)
BAGHDAD: The US warplanes Sunday bombarded Ansar-ul-Salam locality of the northern Iraq, said a press report.

Iraqi forces have captured an American troop as prisoner of war, while the US-led forces had called the gunship helicopters for help.


US tanks retreat from Umm-ul-Qasr
(Updated at 1315 PST)
BAGHDAD: The US tanks further retreated from Umm-ul-Qasr making bunkers for the new battle line, an Arabian TV reported.

Iraqi troops firing to the coalition forces from various buildings of the town. A US forces commander claimed surrender by some Iraqi troops in Umm-ul-Qasr.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi officials claimed stopping the US-led forces advancement to Al-Nasriyya town. 


Umm-ul-Qasr still resisting coalition forces assault
(Updated at 1205 PST)
BAGHDAD: The intense fighting at the Umm-ul-Qasr has denied coalition's claims of fall of the Iraqi strategic town to the US-led forces, a press report said  Sunday.

The Iraqi troops were offering intense resistance to the slowly advancing coalition tanks and armoured vehicles. At least three coalition troops were killed during the Umm-ul-Qasr battle, said the sources. 

The Iraqi forces had surrounded the coalition troops in the Umm-ul-Qasr and large contingents of the US forces and tanks were sent for their help, an American TV channel reported.

Iraqi flags hoisted at the town were showing Iraqi presence in the town.

Iraqi Minister denies fall of Al-Nasriyya
(Updated at 1200 PST)
BAGHDAD: Iraqi Information Minister Saeed Al-Sahhaf has denied capture of Al-Nasriyya town by the US-led forces, said a press report on Sunday.

The Iraqi forces defending the town with full force, he told the newsmen. 


Iraqi troops shot down US helicopter : Naji Sabri
(Updated at 1130 PST) 
DAMASCUS: Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri said his country's troops had shot down a US helicopter, and that Baghdad was hit by 1,000 missiles Friday, as he arrived in the Syrian capital early Sunday, a foreign news agency reported.

Pentagon denies seizure of northern Iraq oilfields 
(Updated at 1100 PST)
BAGHDAD: Pentagon said the coalition forces had not occupied the oilfields in northern Iraq adding that an airbase and oilfield near Basra was captured by the troops, a press report said.

The US-led coalition forces launched an early morning attack on Baghdad, destroying various government buildings. The US third infantry regiment was engaged in intense fighting with the Iraqi troops on some distance from Baghdad. 

Meanwhile, the USA had claimed to destroy all military targets in the northern city of Mosul. 


Republican Guards taking positions in Baghdad: TV report
(Updated at 0940 PST)
BAGHDAD: Elite Republican Guards of the Iraqi army were taking positions in Baghdad, an American TV channel reported Sunday. Although the Iraq sources have not confirmed the report.

In that situation the coalition forces would face stiff resistance as the Republican Guards had demonstrated higher fighting capabilities in the 1991 Gulf war, the military analysts opined.


Pentagon to probe Kuwait camp attack
(Updated at
0900 PST)
WASHINGTON: The Pentagon will conduct a probe into Kuwait army camp attack in which 16 US soldiers were wounded, a report said.


Bush discusses Iraq situation with Blair
(Updated at 0845 PST)
WASHINGTON: US President George Bush in a telephonic conversation with his ally British Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the war situation and the humanitarian help for Iraq, said a press report Sunday.

Saddam's speech advanced recorded: British intelligence sources
(Updated at 0830 PST)
LONDON: Iraq TV is showing President Saddam Hussain's advanced recorded speech, told the British intelligence sources to a British TV channel on Sunday. 


Iraq calls Arab countries to confront aggression
(Updated at 0820 PST)
LONDON: Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri urged Arab countries to confront the US aggression against Iraq, a British TV channel reported Sunday.

US forces capture Al-Nasirya, bomb suspected camp linked to al-Qaeda
(Updated at 0720 PST)
WASHINGTION: The Pentagon said on Sunday that the US forces has captured Al-Nasirya and bombarded a suspected terror camp near Baghdad. It said that people trained in the camp had links to al-Qaeda. 

Three Lac people in New York hold demo against war
(Updated at 0650 PST)

NEW YORK: Three Lac people in New York held demonstration against against US-led war against Iraq, a report said Sunday.

The protests were also held in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington.

More attacks on Baghdad: B-52 bombers take off for possible new attacks
(Updated at 0650 PST)
LONDON: More attacks were conducted on Baghdad in late night as a big explosion occurred, a report said.

The B-52 bombers early Sunday morning took off from RAF Fairford in Britain for possible new attacks, a report said. The sirens were sound in the outskirts of Baghdad. 

16 US soldiers wounded in  Kuwait attack; on American Muslim soldier arrested  
(Updated at 0640 PST)
KUWAIT CITY: The US military said Sunday that 16 US soldiers were wounded in a granade attack at a heavily-guarded camp in the northern Kuwait desert.

A US military spokesman confirmed the attack. A report said that an American Muslim soldier have been arrested for suspected involvement in the attack.

US detains 12 Iraqis, targets thousands more
(Updated at 0620 PST)
WASHINGTON: The US government has detained "about a dozen" Iraqis who live in the United States and has targeted thousands more for questioning in an ongoing search for information on any retaliatory attacks against America planned in response to the war with Iraq. 

The "voluntary interviews" continued as authorities expanded their global manhunt for suspected al Qaeda terrorist Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, described as an "imminent threat to U.S. citizens and interests," and arrested nine persons in raids from New York to California in a suspected money-laundering and phony passport scheme.

The detained Iraqis were among about 2,000 interviewed by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement from a list of 11,000 Iraqis being sought for questioning. Some 50,000 Iraqis and Iraqi-Americans are believed to live in the United States. Of those detained, most were named on immigration charges, although others were being held for unspecified reasons.

In a statement, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the detentions were part of heightened security implemented before the war and are "aimed at taking individuals off the street who might pose a threat to the safety and security of the American people."

Bush starts using war powers
(Updated at 0605 PST)
WASHINGTON: President Bush yesterday formally declared to Congress his authority under the War Powers Act to use America's armed forces against Iraq and told top lawmakers in a classified Oval Office briefing that the United States is "making progress" in its military operation to disarm Saddam Hussein's regime.

 "We will stay on task until we've achieved our objective, which is to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, and free the Iraqi people so they can live in a society that is hopeful and democratic and at peace in its neighborhood," the president told congressional leaders after a morning meeting in the White House devoted exclusively to Iraq. 

Ruling Baath leader in Najaf dies in fighting
(Updated at 0520 PST) 
BAGHADAD: Ruling Baath leader in Najaf dies in fighting, a report said. Heavy fighting were reported in different parts of the Iraq.

Six US soldiers badly injured in Kuwait grenade attack

(Updated at 0515 PST)      

KUWAIT CITY: Six US soldiers were seriously injured in a grenade attack on US forces camped out in northern Kuwait, media reported here early Sunday morning.  


Fighting with coalition forces near Najaf, Baghdad plunges in darkness

(Updated at 0515 PST) 

BAGHDAD: Iraqi TV reports fighting with coalition forces near Najaf, 160 km south of Baghdad. Reports said that much of Baghdad is plunged into darkness as more explosions heard. 

US and British forces moved toward Baghdad
(Updated at 0515 PST) 
BAGHDAD: US and British forces moved toward Baghdad Saturday as coalition warplanes pressed a crushing campaign of air strikes on the Iraqi capital in a three-day-old push to drive Saddam Hussein from power.                

Turkish Cyprus opens airspace, ports for humanitarian missions
(Updated at 0510 PST)

NICOSIA: The self-styled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) will allow the United States and Britain to use its airspace as well as air and sea ports for humanitarian missions in the war against Iraq, Turkish Cypriot officials said.


The TRNC will ensure that "air and naval elements of foreign armies participating in the operation are able to use TRNC airspace and TRNC airports and sea ports so that humanitarian needs are met without delay when urgent situations emerge," government spokesman Salih Miroglu said, quoted by the local TAK agency.  

500  missiles fired on Iraq: Pentagon
(Updated at 0500 PST)  
WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has said that about 500 missiles have been fired on Iraq during past hours.

It also said that they are hitting the missiles on right targets. 

Kurds say coalition bombed Kirkuk air base, Mosul palace
(Updated at 0500 PST)

ARBIL: Coalition bombing hit the main air base in the oil city of Kirkuk and a presidential palace in the northern capital of Mosul, a top leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party said here Saturday.


Precision-guided missiles are being used in Iraq for accurate hit: Pentagon
(Updated at 0420 PST)
WASHINGTON: Pentagon said allied forces were using precision-guided missiles and weapons that were striking the the targets in Iraq perfectly, says US TV channel.

Hundreds of Tomahawk missile and thousands of precision-guided missiles were being struck in Iraq on the targets, according to Fox TV.


Iraq TV shows Saddam meeting three times with war advisors
(Updated at 0410 PST) 
BAGHDAD: Iraqi television Saturday night showed President Saddam Hussein chairing three meetings with top advisors on the war with the United States.

It showed Saddam in military uniform and said his aides "voiced satisfaction at the resistance and heroism displayed by the armed forces, fighters of the Baath Party and tribesmen." It did not say where or when the meetings were held.


Slain journalist identified as Australian ABC cameraman
(Updated at 0400 PST)   

SYDNEY: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) confirmed Sunday that an Australian freelance cameraman on assignment for the network had been killed in a suicide car bombing in northern Iraq.


Paul Moran, 39, died instantly when the taxi packed with explosives detonated in northern Iraq Saturday, a report said.

Three Kurdish men, and the driver of the taxi were also killed in the blast at a checkpoint outside the village of Khormal, a base of an Islamic group hich had earlier been destroyed by US cruise missiles.

ABC correspondent Eric Campbell survived the attack, suffering minor

shrapnel injuries and shock, she said. Moran worked extensively as a freelance cameraman in the Middle East from a base in Bahrain before moving to Paris last year.