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US act termed terrorism

By Our Staff Reporter

This article was published in the
Dawn The Internet Edition on Oct 9, 2001

 LAHORE, Oct 8: Leaders of various religious parties including Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan Chairman Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani on Monday condemned America for attacking Afghanistan and said by doing it had established itself as the biggest terrorist in the world.

In a statement issued here on Monday, Maulana Noorani said by attacking peaceful citizens in Afghanistan, America had proved its barbarity. It was killing innocent Iraqi people for the last 10 years and had now started persecuting Afghans to show its hatred for Islam and Muslims.

JUP Punjab Secretary-General Qari Zawwar Bahadur said America had chosen a path of destruction for itself, pushing the entire world into a war. America must stop terrorism and promote justice among the world nations. Tanzim Islami Amir Dr Israr Ahmad said Afghanistan would prove a graveyard for America. He urged the government to stop supporting the aggressor and expressed his concern over the killing of innocent people in Afghanistan as a result of American attack on it. Almuhajiroun said the attack on Afghanistan was an attack on Islam and all Muslims would fight together against the onslaught of the anti-Islam forces.

The Muthidda Talaba Mahaz comprising the MSF-N, the ISO, the JTI, the PSF and the ASF expressed its serious concern over the attack on Afghanistan. It maintained that the international community must have to play its role for the protection of humanity and peace.

The Hizbul Tahrir criticized President Gen Pervez Musharraf for what it said defending the American attack on Afghanistan in a news conference earlier in the day. It condemned America and Britain for the attack.

A meeting organized by the Pakistan Workers Confederation at the Bakhtiar Labour Hall condemned the attack on Afghanistan and urged America and its allies to refrain from bombing the civilian areas.