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Another 800 volunteers enter Kunar for Jihad

By Our Staff Reporter

This article was published in the
Dawn The Internet Edition on 05 Nov 2001

KHAAR, Nov 4: Another 800 volunteers of the Tehrik-i-Nefaz-i-Shariat Muhammadi on Sunday entered Afghanistan's Kunar province from the Bajaur Agency through the Ghaani Pass.

Armed with sophisticated weapons, they were led by local TNSM Amir Ismail Khan. Later, Ismail Khan returned to the Bajaur Agency, leaving the volunteers in Assadabad, the headquarters of Kunar.

Another 12,000 TNSM workers hailing from various parts of the Malakand Division have been camping near the Pakistan-Afghan border for one week to cross into Afghanistan to take part in Jihad against Americans.

Ever since the launch of US air strikes on Oct 7, some 5,000 volunteer fighters have entered Afghanistan.