Welcome to The Wolfman's Virtual island

And welcome to a place in The Virtuality, created to be more than just 'The Average Personal Home Page'.
This virtual island, and its virtual inhibitor The Wolfman, is as much a work of art - a piece of fiction in words and pictures - as it is a autobiographical presentation of the 'me' that writes these words.
The Wolfman is neither a purely fictive figure nor a straightforward pseudonym. The Wolfman is my Virtual Zoomorph Representation within the fictive concept of The Wolfmans Island.
Wolfmans Islands is organized to let the visitor make a virtual journey around the island, and explore the different geographical locations that each represent a different part of the The Wolfman's universe. By putting together the odds and ends, the facts and the fiction, by reading the lines as well as between them, the visitor might even be able to get a kind of understanding of the Normal Human Self behind The Wolfman.

A brief guide to Wolfmans Island

It is not within the concept of Wolfmans Island, that there is a single 'right' way to explore the island - any way that lead to a greater understanding is the right way - but a few hints might make it easier for the more impatient or cautious travelers, to get around without getting unnecessarily confused.
For further explanation of some of the special terms used on these pages, it is recommended to make a visit to The Wolfmans Cave.
If you want to read about why on earth the concept of Wolfmans Island was conceived, what the motivation behind this pretentious project was, I recommend that you read THE WOLFMANS MANIFEST (which you can only get to from this page) as well as go to the Wolfmans Cave.
My only advise about how to explore the rest of the island, is to use the map when you need an overview, or jump from place to place using the navigation bar at the bottom of the pages, if you are in a hurry. Generally the names of the places on the island should be satisfactorily self-explaining, and for those that are not - regard them as invitations to your curiosity.