Welcome to I, ZILjIN

Calling Card: ZILjIN Lowh
Age: 258 Cycles
Dwelling: 6th Circle of Hell
BeLIEfs: None....
Sign: Gemini
Skillz: Host Corruption and Meaningless Art
Ocupation: Electro-Optical Mutation and Mutalation
Future: Failed to be realized until the last minute...

Well I don't understand why this site is still here, I almost never even look at it. But it is, so..... Fuck I don't know. The Guestbook is gone, I don't know why nor do I care. Hell no one reads this anyways. I don't even know why I am writting this..... Well I'm out, maybe to return one day and do something with this site.
ZILjIN, Feb. 11 2004 A.D.

Updated a little. Never enough. Time is lost. Working towards an end. Failed to realize it. Continuing. Never finished.
ZILjIN, Oct. 18, 2002 A.D.

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Note: I am not satanic, I am an Athiest, I do not represent anything or anyone, and absolutely no religions are represented in this site. All these poems and writtings are my own work and are a result of my life and are not meant to influence others, only give a little insight to me.
~ZILjIN, Nov, 16th 1999 A.D.

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