Welcome to my crib!

Name: Lady Tatsu (Dragon)
Nicknames: Tatsu, Tats, Tats-chan, Tatsu-chan, Tatsuko, LT
Real Name: If I told you, I'd have to kill you! He he he! ^_^
Birthday: March 11, 1978 (Pieces - Three days before Cye's! ^_^)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: HA! Yeah, right! ^_^

Fav. Ronin Warrior: Rowen (Touma) Hashiba
2nd Fav. Ronin: Sage (Seiji) Date
Favorite. Dark Warlord: Anubis, Warlord of Cruelty
2nd Favorite Dark Warlord: Dais, Warlord of Illusion











'Suppy! Welcome to my place! Just pull up a chair and make yourselves right at home. Before you ask, yes, that is the real me in the pic on yer left. It's my graduation picture that I got taken and the only one that makes me look somewhat human. I still don't like giving out my real name, however, so yer stuck calling me Lady Tatsu, Tatsu, or whatever nickname you feel like throwing on me. :-P The above picture was done a while back by a friend of mine named Cameron.

Okay... about me... hmm.... well I live out in Pennsylvania. I just moved out into this little area called Toby Farms that isn't too far from where I used to live and it's pretty nice. I graduated back in May of last year from Delaware County Community College with an Associates in Interactive Multimedia and am now making plans to attend the Arts Institute of Philadelphia in January of next year. I'm now trying to get my bachelor's degree in Web Design and Multimedia. I'm such the busy lil' beaver, ne?

     My folks are from the island of Barbados. Just about all my relatives reside either there or in Trinidad or England if not here in the U.S. In fact, if you were to tell me that just about half if not all of Barbados was populated with either my mom or my dad's side of the family, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm 1 out of 3 grandchildren on my dad's side and 1 of 43 on my mom's side.

     One of my favorite hobbies are collecting Anime (no surprise there, ne?). So far I have somewhere around 250 to 300 videos, thanks to the help of my dad. It helps to have a father who is just as much of an anime nut as yourself. Some of my favorite ones are The Ronin Warriors (once again no surprise), Sorcerer Hunters, Fushigi Yugi, Dragon Ball Z, Magic Knights Rayearth, and a bunch others. Besides collecting anime I also like to write Fanfics. Right now all my work is based around the Ronin Warriors being that they're my all time favorite and the series that really got me into anime. You can check out my stories out in the Realm of Wonders at any time.

     Besides Anime, another favorite thing of mine is listening to music. My preferences are pretty much all over in that I'm into just about anything and everything. I've been really into the alternative and some of the heavy metal stuff as of lately. It really all depends on my mood at the time. One minute you'll hear something like Enya or Kenny G coming outta my room, the next thing ya know you'll hear something like Metallica or Rob Zombie blasting out. Some of my favorite ones are Creed, Fuel, Bennie Man, Metallica, a bit of Rob Zombie, Ozzy, and a whole bunch others. Frankly, as long as it has a good beat to it, I'll most likely be into it.

     Well that's about it for me! Thanks again for stopping on in to see me. If you want, feel free to drop me an e-mail me at dragon-realm@juno.com. If I don't answer you back soon, then you have my permission to yell at me. ^_^ Also, be sure to check out the rest of the realm and Sign My Guestbook before ya go! Ja ne!