ONYX!! What have I told you about growling at our guests?! You'll have to excuse him, he gets a little edgy around new people, but don't worry. He won't bite, will ya, boy? ::Onyx purrs as Mika scratches his head:: There, ya see? Gentle as a newborn kitten. He helps me keep an eye on things around here so you may see him about now and then.

     So, you want to know more about the Ronin Warriors, eh? No problem! They're really good friends of Lady Tatsu and I. They usually come and hanging out in their rooms, so why don't you have a seat over here and... what the...?! ONYX!! Get off the couch so that our guest can sit! You know Tatsu hates it when you get claw marks on the furniture! ::sighs:: Sorry about that. Feel free to check out their rooms by clicking on the Kanji signs down below.



Torch of spirit sought through five,
Drinking strength from immortal fire,

Darkest prison sheds the light,
Swirling beneath a sea of salt,

Buried within a throne of rock,
Floating amongst the eyes of ages,
Unmoored in the stream of the sky.