Head Towards The Light!


(Sage of the Halo)

Japanese Name: DATE (Show-off) SEIJI (Conquering Warrior)
Am. Version Name: Sage
Birthday: June 9, 1973 (Gemini)
Hair: Blond (Covers his right eye)
Eyes: Soft Violet (sometimes they look a very pale blue)
Height:167 cm (about 5'7")
Weight: 127lbs.

Armor's Name: Halo (Kourin in the Japanese Version)
Color(s): Green
Element: Spirit or Light
Kanji Sign: CHI (Wisdom)*Special Note* In the Japanese Version, his Kanji sign is really REI (Courtesy)
Special Attack: Thunderbolt Cut (Rei Ko Zan in the Japanese Version)
Weapon(s): Long No-Datchi Sword (big sword... very BIG sword!)












     Hi ya! Come on in, I'll be with ya in just a sec. ::starts talking again on the phone:: So I'll pick you up at seven, tomorrow night? Great. I'll see you then. Ja ne. ::laughs mischievously as he hangs up the phone:: It's just too easy. Hi, how's it goin'? I'm Sage, Sage Date. Pleased to meet you. I'm the owner and wearer of the armor of the Halo armor, which naturally draws its strength from light. My weapon is a no-datchi sword, which in short, is a 'very' long sword. I'm also able to heal small wounds when I'm in my armor. One time, I was able to restore Ryo's sight when that jerk, Sekhmet blinded him with some of his venom.

     I live with both my mom and dad. My mom, however is American, which only makes me half Japanese and half American. My dad owns a small martial arts dojo where I've been learning and training ever since I was little. My main interests revolves around swords, meditation, and... ::lets out a humorous chuckle, smiling proudly:: chatting up girls. Yeah, I guess that you can call me something of a flirt, but can I help it if I'm the hottest thing around?! ::grins widely:: Please don't get the impression that I'm some egotistical jerk or something like that. I never let all this stuff get the best of me when it comes down to more serious things. I do have a kind heart and I'm always willing to help my friends and stand by them when they're in trouble. Just ask Bright Eyes and she'll tell you. Before you ask, Bright Eyes is a nickname that I gave to Mika. Of course, she also has given me the delightful nickname of 'Hair Ball', but uh... well... that is another story.

Talk about your sexy, yet dangeroussmirks, eh, girls?! ^_^

::laughs as the phone begins to ring:: Uh oh! Looks like another date's calling!  Oh, what's a guy to do?! It was really nice meeting you, stop by at anytime if you want to talk again. Ja ne!



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