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(Rowen of the Strata)



Japanese Name: HASHIBA (Flying Sticks/Brushwood) TOUMA (Flax, Hemp)
Am. Version Name: Rowen
Birthday: October 10, 1973 (Libra)
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Dark Blue (Some say Dark Blue, Dark Green... you decide. ^_^)
Height: 165 cm (about 5'6")
Weight: 112 lbs.

Armor's Name: Strata (Tenku in the Japanese Version)
Color: Dark Blue
Element: Air
Kanji Sign: INOCHI (Life Force)
**Special Note** In the Japanese Version, his Kanji sign is really CHI (Wisdom)

Special Attack: Arrow Shock Wave (Shinku Ha in the Japanese Version)
Weapon(s): Shouhyaku (Fold-Down Bow) and arrows












     ::looks up from the book he's reading:: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't hear you come in. Why didn't you knock? You did? ::laughs:: Sorry again. Guess I was too engrossed in this book that I'm readin'. You caught me just in time. I was just about to take a little nap. I'm Rowen Hashiba, but my friends call me Ro. I'm the wearer of the armor of Strata, which draws its power from the heavens and stars. My weapon is a fold-down bow and a endless supply of arrows, which I receive from the pack that I wear on my back.

     To the guys, I'm known as 'Einstein' all because of my intelligence level. Don't get me wrong, I may have something of a very high I.Q., but I'm not stuck-up about it. I like to be treated like any other person would and never expect special treatment cause of my intelligence. Many people may think that I'm some kind of nerd cause I'm so smart; a teacher's pet, so to speak. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I suppose. No matter how stupid it may be.

     Anyway, my parents are divorced and I live with my mother. It's good to know that I have her and my friends to always be there for me. Of course, to Kento and the guys I have been dubbed as "The Master of Kitchen Disasters". Okay, so I can't cook to save my life, but that only proves that I'm not as perfect as so many people claim me to be. I also like to sleep in a lot, but that's only because I study hard and I love to read late at night. Unfortunately, I have somewhat of a problem gettin' up in the morning for school because of this little dilemma. Hey, even geniuses need their sleep, right?


::lets out a big yawn:: Sorry about that. I didn't get much sleep last night. Naw, I wasn't studying this time. It was Kento, he snores like a warthog! I think that I'll take that little cat nap now. It was really nice talking to ya, drop by again anytime! don't forget to visit the others! A little warning though, don't be too surprised if you find Sage on the phone. It's practically attached to his ear. See ya!



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