(Kento of Hardrock)

Japanese Name: FAUN (Yellow) SHU (Excellent) LEI (Fine, Lovely)
Am. Version Name: Kento
Birthday: September 1, 1973 (Virgo)
Hair: Dark Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 164 cm (about 5'5")
Weight: 138 lbs.

Armor's Name: Hardrock
Element: Earth
Kanji Sign: GI (Justice)
Special Attack: Iron Rock Crusher (Gen Tessai in Japanese version)
Weapon(s): Short Spear With Points At Both Ends (Can separate into a Three-Part Staff)











     Hey! So ya finally made it ta my place, eh?! COOL!! Come on in. ::laughs nervously as you nearly trip over an empty pizza box:: Oops! Watch your step there. The place is a tad bit messy. ::throws a huge pile of clothes off a chair:: Here ya go. Take a seat and I'll tell ya all about the strongest, bravest, not ta mention the most handsomest guy on the Ronin team. WHERE IS HE?!! You're lookin' at him, sheesh! Did Cye put ya up ta sayin' that?! Anyway, the name's Kento Faun and I'm the wearer of the Armor of Hardrock. It's a way cool armor that gets its power from the earth itself! My weapon is a spear that can be separated into a three-part staff. Pretty cool so far, huh?!

     I live with my family in Yokohama. They own a small Chinese restaurant out there. You should stop by some time if ya ever there. Ya haven't had 'real' good Chinese food till ya tried my Ma's cookin'! Cye sometimes comes over and helps out too. He's 'really' good at it, but I'm getting off the subject here. Now, where was I...? Oh ya!

     Some of the guys might call me a bit impatient at times, but that's because I love a good fight! I mean, C'mon! What's the point of askin' the bad guys all these dumb questions when all he 'really' wants TA do is bash your head in?! Fight first, then ask questions! That's 'my' motto! Another thing about me is that I kinda like TA eat. ::frowns a bit as you look him up and down:: Okay, okay! So I like TA eat A LOT!! Man! A growin' boy, who's as strong as me has TA eat, ya know!

Uh... Huh?
     Well, that's about it on yours truly. Hmm, all this talkin' has made me kinda hungry. Guess I'll go and see what I can find TA eat around here. I wonder if Cye'll make me some of his homemade waffles with that raspberry syrup if I ask him. It was real nice talking with ya! Laters! HEY, CYYYYYEEEE!! ::runs past you and through the door::



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