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Cookie Monster

sound byte alert! Adding by a hippie muppet and Cookie Monster

You can watch it online at YouTube

sound byte alert! The Ballad of Casey Macphee classic ditty with Cookie Monster showing his true grit

You can watch it online at YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Beat The Time parody of "Beat The Clock" w/Cookie Monster & Guy Smiley

You can watch it online at YouTube

~~ Breakfast Time Cookie Monster and Ernie discuss favorite breakfasts. "And a glass of cookie juice on the side!"

sound byte alert! "C" Is For Cookie If you REALLY don't know the words! :-)

Available as a full .mp3 file 5.3M ("Sesame Street Fever" version)
Available as a full .mp3 file 1.4M (original)
and you can watch it online at YouTube

~~ "C" Is For Cookie - Opera Style! here's a different take on the classic tune

skit/cartoon A Christmas Pageant Prairie Dawn Production where Bert plays the tree!

~~ Circles "The shape that we like best you know"

picture(s) sound byte alert! Cookie Disco can you picture Cookie Monster in his white suit? "Can you dig it?"

Available as a full .mp3 file (TV Version) 3M
and you can watch the original version online at YouTube

skit/cartoon Cookie For The Smallest Person skit with Cookie Monster and two children muppets, who's the smallest? Think again!

~~ A Cookie Is A Sometime Food Hoots implores Cookie Monster to eat more fruit

skit/cartoon Cookie Monster Goes To The Library skit with Cookie Monster, a Librarian "and one box of cookies"

skit/cartoon Cookie Monster Tests His Strength at the carnival

~~ Cookie’s Old MacDougal Song not complete but a classic chorus

skit/cartoon The Count and Cookie Monster Cooperate skit where the boys help each other

~~ Dear Mr. Cookie (You Made Me Love You) a love song to a cookie by guess who :-)

~~ Deck The Halls from "A Muppet Family Christmas"

~~ Don't Eat The Pictures title tune from the video sung by Cookie Monster

sound byte alert! Eatin' Cookie by Cookie Monster, natch, to the tune of "Makin' Whoopie".

Available as a full .mp3 file 1.8M
and you can watch it online at YouTube

skit/cartoon The Four Seasons cute Prairie Dawn production number

sound byte alert! Fuzzy And Blue (And Orange!) three fuzzy friends

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.3M
and you can see it online at YouTube

~~ Gingerbread Man what's a Cookie Monster to do? Hug him or eat him?

~~ Goodbye, Little Cookie awww, who knew old Cookie Monster was so sentimental?

sound byte alert! Healthy Food Cookie Monster rap song which some people claim may be a sign of the impending apocalypse ...

sound byte alert! Hey Food another food song, but also a Beatles parody to boot!

Available as a small .mp3 file 580K
and you can watch it online at YouTube

~~ I Think That It Is Wonderful classic tune where everyone chimes in on their favorite subjects

sound byte alert! I'm Going To Get My Hair Cut and it's about time too!

See the Cookie Monster version on YouTube

~~ If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked A Cake Cookie Monster and The Count duet

sound byte alert! If Moon Was Cookie let's face it, we'd ALL be in trouble, especially if Cookie Monster's around!

Available as a small .mp3 file 425K
and you can see at YouTube

~~ The Last Cookie Roundup those cookies better getalong, here comes Cookie Monster!

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! Let's Make A Face one of those Prairie Dawn Productions, kind of a play, kind of a song, kinda classic!

Watch it on YouTube

~~ MMM Monster Meal Herry and Cookie Monster with all kinds of M foods to Munch!

sound byte alert! Me Lost Me Cookie At The Disco poor Cookie Monster, but he can still sing about his pain like no one else!

Available as a full .mp3 file 2.7M, and you can see it on YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! The Monster's Three Wishes, a story Bob reads where Cookie Monster finds a genie in his toothpaste

Watch it on YouTube

skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! Monsterpiece Theatre sketches

- Available as a short .wav file 150K (part of opening theme, intro to "Monster Of Venice.")

- Chariots of Fur with Herry and Grover running down a beach - YouTube
- The Four Hundred Blows - YouTube
- Gone With The Wind starring Kermit as Green - YouTube
- Guys and Dolls
- The Horse Whisperer - YouTube
- Howard's End with Howard the Rattlesnake
- Inside, Outside Story based on "West Side Story" - YouTube
- The King And I with Grover as the King of Siam
- Monster In A Box - YouTube
- Monsters With Dirty Faces - YouTube
- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
- The Postman Always Rings Twice - YouTube
- The Sound Of Music - YouTube
- The Thirty-Nine Stairs with Grover - YouTube
- Twelve Angry Men - YouTube
- Twin Beaks remember the cult TV show, "Twin Peaks"? Classic! - YouTube

sound byte alert! One Of These Things (Is Not Like The Others) lots of requests for this goodie, so here ya go! Now includes bonus version, thanks Andrea!

Available as a full .mp3 file 1.3M (Cookie Monster vocal)

- YouTube Video - Susan - 1
- YouTube Video - Susan - 2
- YouTube Video - Bob and Susan
- YouTube Video - Cookie Monster
- YouTube Video - Cartoon version

sound byte alert! Picture A World gets harder as we get older, but with Sesame Street's help I think we can all picture this world

Visit YouTube for a wonderful clip with Perry Como, Julie Andrews, and the Muppets

skit/cartoon picture(s) sound byte alert! The Remembering Game skit w/Guy Smiley, Cookie Monster, and Mr. Bill Smith

Watch it on YouTube

~~ Share another one of those things we learned as children but seem to have forgotten as adults

~~ They Not Take That Away From Me - Cookie Monster's losing his cookies!

sound byte alert! The Twelve Days Of Christmas classic muppet version of a holiday fave, great family singalong

Available as a full .mp3 file 4M

~~ Up and Down "I look at you and sing a song about up and down!" (updated to include dialogue, thanks Jake)

~~ We'll Do It Together also known as The Cookie Tree, classic

sound byte alert! What Is Friend? can Cookie Monster give up a cookie for a friend?

See it online at YouTube

skit/cartoon sound byte alert! What Rhymes With "Buy" And Is Delicious? skit with Cookie Monster, Mike the Baker and Guy Smiley

Watch it online at YouTube

SPECIAL When Muppets Cry not from the show, but a fan's beautiful tribute

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