This is the section about me, Vamp Chastity, the site's web mistress.

I'm not going to list off me height and weight because I'm not looking for cyber love…I have the real thing. I will, however list off my boyfriend's, that way we might have some really awsome cyber-threesomes. Just kidding. Anywho I will get a picture of me up here as soon as I can find one that isn't a school pic. I want someday to have a section about Type O Negitive. They're great and they don't get enough credit. The lead singer is so cool. You can really tell he loves his girlfriend. And some of the lyrics are quite sexy too.

I love music and I wish that I had enough time to include more bands and feature them too.

I also love to read. I mainly read Horror novels by Stephen King, but I've read some other authors that were quite wonderful too. I also love fantasy. Not sci-fi so much but just that run of the mill wizard novel.

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