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Who I am
So you want to know a little more about me then..  Well I'm 26 years old, very much a fun loveing person who believes strongly in honesty and being honest to oneself.  I like to have fun and more important laugh and make others laugh. I enjoy the outdoors although at the moment I don't get much time to go out sight seeing.
I am originaly from South Wales in the United Kingdom and lived there for 24 years, I am now living in Colorado and have been here for 2 and a half years. I love it here, I love the surrounding mountains the views are just breathe taking.
 I'm a full time mother to my 18 month old daughter whom I adore with all my heart and soul,she's my life and gives me meaning and purpose, her name is Nakita.  I'm also a wife and I try to be the best a wife can be to my husband(try being the appropriate It isn't always easy (aaahhh).
As you have already guessed I enjoy writing, I have done since I was little (knee high I used to love writing essays in school, anthing that involved putting pen to paper or reading I was there. However I didn't get to do much when I left school, but my reason for putting pen to paper again was because of something sad. I chose to write my feelings down and that is how I came to write my poetry. I'm not saying it is great, I'm just saying it's my true feelings, feelings that come from my heart and soul.

The first poem I wrote (serious poem that i wrote and kept in a book) was written in 1995, it was the 'something sad'. I wrote several poems about my feelings at that time. In 2000 my husband suggested that I enter my poem in a contest(the first poem I wrote), after his much nagging I did,with  I made it to the semi finals, which I'm sure many people did, but it meant something to me. This year my poem was published. I feel quite proud of myself. I have entered another poem and again I've gotten to the semi finals (I'm wondering who doesn' ). Who knows where it may lead, but to actually write my own poetry and publish my poetry in a book I can call my own is something I definatley  want to accomplish. So watch out, who knows maybe one day you'll find my book in Barnes and Noble with all the other famous poets...LOL.

Other than writing poetry I love to draw in my spare time, I haven't done many drawings but some of which I have done I have photographed and are on my hobbies page. Just like my poetry I'm not saying they are great it's just another love of mine, at least I try eh.. Going to an art school or college is also another of my ambitions, when or if I ever get there who knows.. but I surely hope so.
Gardening is also another of my favorite things to do, I love to plant flowers and make my 'garden' full of pretty blooms of all shades. My house also has it's fare share of plants too.
I'm also an animal lover... I love all kinds of animals and I hate to see them come to harm. Your about to see how many pets I have of my own if you check out the page My Pets.
My fav animals though have to be (other than my pets) Wolf and Horses.

And after all that is said and done I can be quite a party animal when I get to go See I'm not all that placid and quiet.  I love to get up on the dance floor (well when it's packed full of people) and do my thang.   Well I think that is all there is to say about me... but if you feel you would like to get to know me better and make a new friend then hey drop me a line by sending me an email.... my email address is on my contact page... Well laters then and I hope you can feel the poetry I have written. Enjoy .

Oh one more thing DON'T FORGET TO SIGN MY it's around here somewhere on one of these pages.

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