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Welcome to my world! I just hope you dont turn out like me.
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Here are just a few spells to get you started.

"light as a feather,stiff as a board"
This really in't a spell but is great fun with a few friends at a sleep over.
First get someone who is WILLING (they don't have to do it if they don't want to)to let you perform this.
Get the person to lay on thier backs on the floor arms at their sides.While the rest of you are doing the chant and the levitating this person should be visualizing themselves being lifted by a hand from benith them.With 4 to 9 people sit with your index and fore finger under only a small part of them.And while concentrateing on thier body being "light as a feather,stiff as a board"Start to all chant in a rythmic fashion those words.
You should find yourself going into a sort of trance.
Also as you are doing this slightly lift your fingers only about 3mm off the floor putting a bit of pressure on the persons body.If all are concentrating on this person being feather light then the person you are concentrating on should slightly be starting to rise off the floor.
This is all about having the right state of mind while doing this,if you belive and do it properly then it will work.
I have done this with some of my close wiccan friends (that i haven't mentioned yet)and we managed,after alot of practice with different people,to raise a 5"9 person 2 feet off the floor with only 4 people!!!So practice makes perfect!!

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