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Business Letter
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Business Letters
Teacher will give samples of this letter

There is a difference between the Personal Business Letter and the Business Letter.   The only difference between the two is that a business letter is almost always printed on letterhead that includes the return address. If a second page is needed, then that page should be typed on plain paper. The return address does not need to be keyed or typed.

Margins:  Side margins 1"; Top margin (2 inch); Bottom margin (1 inch).

Business letters are in Block style, where all text is aligned to the left.  Paragraphs are NOT indented.

Special Parts of a Business Letter

Attention line:  An attention line should be used only when the writer does not know the name of the person who should receive the letter.  An example would be:  Attention Customer Service Representative.

Subject line:  The subject line specifies the topic discussed in the letter.  Key the subject line in ALL CAPS, a DS (double space) below the salutation.

Reference initials:  If someone other than the originator of the letter keys it, key the keyboard operator's initials in lowercase letters to the left margin a DS (double space) below the writer's name, title, or department.

Attachment/Enclosure notation:  If another document is clipped or stapled to a letter the word "Attachment" is keyed at the left margin a DS (double space) below the reference initials.  If another document is included, but not attached, the word "Enclosure" is used.

Copy notation:  A copy notation indicates that a copy of a letter is being sent to someone other than the addressee.  Use "c" followed by the name of the person(s) to receive a copy.  Place the copy notation a DS (double space) below the enclosure notation or the reference initials if there is no enclosure.