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Interoffice Memorandums
Teacher will provide examples of memorandums and emails.

Definition:  Written messages used by employees within an organization to communicate with one another.

Margin settings of a Personal Business Letter
Side Margins:
  1 inch for left and right.
Top margin: 2 inches
Bottom margin: 1 inch.

Parts of a Memo

Memo Heading
The memo heading includes who the memo is being sent to (TO:), who the memo is from (FROM:), the date the memo is being sent (DATE:), and what the memo is about (SUBJECT:).

All lines of the heading should begin at the left margin and line up.  You should double space in between the parts of the heading.  Also you should TAB using the following procedure:

** Tab twice after typing TO: to key the name.
** Tab once after typing FROM: to key the name
** Tab once after typing DATE: to key the date.
** Tab once after typing the SUBJECT:  to key the subject.  The subject information should be in ALL CAPS.

Memo Body
The paragraphs of the memo all begin at the left margin and are SS (single spaced) with a DS (double space) in between paragraphs.

Reference initials
If someone other than the originator of the memo keys or types the memo, his/her initials are keyed in lowercase letters at the left margin, a DS (double space) below the body.

Attachment/Enclosure notations
If another document is attached to a memo, the word "Attachment" is keyed at the left margin a DS (double space) below the reference initials (or below the last line of the body if reference initials are not used).  If a document accompanies the memo, but is not attached to it, key the word "Enclosure".


Definition: Electronic mail used in most business organizations.  These have partially replaced the memo and the letter.  Delivery of an email message takes only a few minutes.  They are delivered through a company network or the internet.

Parts of an Email
Email heading
** The email heading includes the same information as the memo (To:, From:, Date:, and Subject:). 
** It may also include a Cc: (Carbon Copy) line for sending a coy of the message to additional individuals. 
** It may also include a Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) line for sending a copy of the message to a another person without the original receiver knowing.
** Emails also include an Attachment: line for attaching files to the email message.  These files can be letters, pictures, etc.

Email Body
The paragraphs of an email message all begin at the left margin and are SS (single spaced) with DS (double spaced) in between paragraphs.