The Execs of 2003~2004

President: Chen Chen

Vice President: Yin-Xia Lu

Secretary/treasurer: Tamara Germani

Publicist/Archivist: Celine Song

Competition Chair: Sam Heather

Academic Head: Puiyan Wong

Creative Heads: Jessica Pang, Diana Ho

Athletic Head: Candice Bean

The Execs of 2002~2003

President: Nikhil Gandhi

Vice President: Chris Chien

Treasurer/secretary: Daniel Chiu

Conference Chair: Shirley Manh

Archivist: Theresa Chion

Level I Rep: John Molloy, Samantha Heather

Level II Rep: Sean Gillespie

The Execs of 2001~2002

President: Tom Carter

Vice Presidents: Nikhil Gandhi, Brian Liu

Treasurer: Daniel Chiu

Archivist: Shirley Manh

Newsletter Editor: Peter Yu

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