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 As a general practice, we will refer you on to another company, if we do not have licensing to handle mortgage requests in your state. Diamond Mortgage, LLC maintains no affiliation and claims no responsibility for the loan services provided by the companies it refers you to. This service is provided to help you, the borrower. Diamond Mortgage, LLC. does not derive any proceeds from the financing of your home with the companies they refer you to.****

Please keep in mind, loan programs are subject to change at any time, and vary from state to state. Diamond Mortgage, LLC will make its best attempts to keep the web site up to date, but it cannot guarantee immediate correction, due to the rapidly changing lending markets.

Diamond Mortgage, LLC is licensed mortgage broker in Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana and Wyoming. We can only handle transactions in these seven states at this time.

The internet is very large and without geographical boundaries, so please be aware that there are other companies with "Diamond Mortgage" in their name. Diamond Mortgage, LLC is exclusive to these states, therefore we are not affiliated with any of these other companies.

Diamond Mortgage, LLC does not post its phone number on the internet, because of the large numbers of visitors it receives from states where it is not licensed. However, if you wish to call the office, please call: 317-877-1379

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