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Charles Schwab Lots of options, from a $500 college saver account, to the $10,000 Schwab One account, that claims to be the complete managed account. Also offers news services, market information and real-time quotes.

Dow Jones offers information from more than 6,000 sources. It's news-tracking tool filters information based on your needs, and a financial centre that covers over 10 million public and private companies.

Electronic Share Information lets you to buy and sell UK listed shares over the Internet.

E*TRADE is an online investing site. There are two levels of access. The member level is free and gets you real-time stock quotes, personalised market views, breaking news and a customisable portfolio manager. Or, for a deposit of $1,000, you get trade and stock options, access to over 4,300 mutual funds and access to subscriptions for IPOs.

FinanceWise is a search engine for financial information.

The Motley Fool says it exists to 'inform, educate and amuse'. But above all it aims to show you that you're the best person to manage your money.

Nasdaq lets you track shares, which stocks met expectations, and even plot it all graphically, it has a desktop ticker that keeps you up to date with market changes, and lets you to filter up to 100 Nasdaq, Amex and NYSE stocks through up to 30 financial data elements.

The New York Stock Exchange search for stockes name or symbol. Stocks can be graphed to see how they've been performing throughout the day, week or month.

Red Herring provides insider news, analysis and profiles on industry figures and companies. Lists the top ten stocks for 1999 and a background on IPOs. Has a message board. is a comprehensive site that covers all elements of investing. It claims to be so up to date that you'll want to visit several times a day to see the latest breaking news. There are sections for trading and banking online, creating your own portfolio and a community area to chat.

The Wall Street Journal news, access to stock quotes and graphs.

Ziff-Davis Inter@ctive Investor news, research reports and market information. You can set up your own portfolio, check the IPO insider report.

Tech Stock Info

Mercury Research:
Silicon Investor:



AMD: Current AMD stock price information at c/net.
Semiconductor Industry News: Table of Semiconductor Industry stocks, also at c/net. A nice feature of this table is that it allow you to sort by the table headings.

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