Pingitore's titles and products are wonderfully influenced by the 80's nostalgic toy and cartoon era. His appreciation for parody and Garbage Pail Kids can be seen on his Magic Marker Art's website in the form of his personal mascot, a self-caricature modeled after OS2 cards 74a MARK Bark and 74b Kennel KENNY painted by John Pound with a bone in the character's mouth. This would be the first 'Mark' nomenclature within the GPK canon; an earlier version had the canine-like character biting down on a No.2 pencil instead of a pink marker.


Pingitore's parody sets poking fun at the following properties and/or product brands: Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, the Horror Film genre, Marvel Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nintendo, Star Wars, Thundercats and Transformers.




DISASTERS of the UNIVERSE : Series 1 : AUG 2016
HORRORIBLE KIDS : Series 1 : OCT 2016
DISASTERS of the UNIVERSE : Series 2 : JAN 2017
G.I.JOKES : Series 1 : FEB 2017
DISASTERS of the UNIVERSE : Series 3 : JUN 2017

TRASHFORMERS : Series 1 : AUG 2017
HORRORIBLE KIDS : Series 2 : OCT 2017
STAR WARPED KIDS : Series 1 : NOV 2017
NINTENDOPES : Series 1 : FEB 2018
G.I.JOKES : Series 2 : APR 2018


HORRORIBLE KIDS : Series 3 + Series 1 & 2 Reprint : AUG 2018
THUNDERBRATS : Series 1 : NOV 2018
MARVELESS KIDS : Series 1 : MAY 2019
HORRORIBLE KIDS : Series 1 - 3 Reprint : AUG 2019
HORRORIBLE KIDS : Series 4 : AUG 2019




PRE- DEC 2014

The nineth custom SCK image that found it's way into the Horrorible Kids set was for cards 9a Beetle BRUCE and 9b Juicy JEFF was originally created for the Gallery 1988 group show event 'Crazy 4 Cult : Back in L.A.', titled 'BRI O. Exorcist / BRUCE Juice', that ran from December 12th through the 28th, 2014. The art show was a tribute to a plethora of cult movies including 'Beetlejuice'.

The 1988 Beetlejuice film synopsis revolved around a recently deceased young couple who become ghosts and haunt their former home along with an obnoxious ghost named Betelgeuse (pronounced "Beetlejuice") from the Netherworld who tries to scare away the new inhabitants.
The event artwork nomenclature 'BRI O. Exorcist' — bio-exorcist — is the freelance work thate Betelgeuse performs, he works with ghosts to scare the living from their homes. And, 'BRUCE Juice', a forename and word rhyme for the second half of Beetlejuice's name.


2014 — MAR 2016

The first seven characters found in the Horrorible Kids Series 1
set were originally released as limited edition Art Prints under the Slop Culture Kids moniker; a wordplay on the term 'pop culture' — modern popular culture conveyed through mass and social media
and aimed particularly at younger people — where 'slop' is defined
as a waste material, and a mash-up of the three-worded brand
name 'Garbage Pail Kids'.

The prints were posted to Mark's website in March of 2016 for $70. Some nomenclature slightly changed to the sticker card version and Jason Voorhees was given his infamous mask to wear. The characters became available on sticker for the first time, in sheet format, in
the middle of 2016 also under the 'Slop Culture Kids' clothing line
with a 'Horror Kids - Series 1' title; a precursor to Horrorible Kids title.
'Silenced LAMBERT' was originally created for Gallery 1988 for their Crazy 4 Cult : Say Hi To The Bad Guy collection titled 'Fava DEAN / ChiANDY'; different nomenclature than the later card release.


PRE- JUL 2015

Another custom SCK image was created for the Gallery 1988 group event 'Clue' and titled 'Clue LES / HUGH Dunnit' that ran from June 26th through July 11th, 2015. The art show was a tribute to the infamous who-done-it cult movie 'Clue', starring actor Tim Curry as the butler Wadsworth. The nomenclature 'Clue LES', meaning 'clueless', explains the player or audience not knowing. The six murder weapons can all be found in the painting.

The 1985 comedy film Clue is based on the popular board game of the same name, known as 'Cluedo' outside of North America, a murder mystery game devised by Anthony E. Pratt from Birmingham, England. Manufactured orginally by Waddingtons in 1945 and Parker Brothers and currently owned and published by Hasbro.

PRE-MAR 2015 — MAY 2016

An early custom piece created for the Gallery 1988 group show 'Idiot box 2', paying tribute to TV, and titled 'ADAM N. Evil / PHIL Mation' consisted of a dual He-Man / Skeletor mash-up character, a split-personality painting made popular by John Pound with characters found within the OS2 and OS3 Garbage Pail Kids sets. The custom final artwork image was posted online during March of 2015 and an image of the character a decal sticker followed in May of 2016 s created for Pingitore's Slop Culture Kids' clothing line, so far only T-shirts, that came free with purchase of an online order. The character was later included in the Disasters of the Universe parody set released in August of 2016, three months later, with a 'Clashed KELDOR' b-name.

Trademark details: the word mark 'Slop Culture Kids' was filed on February 11th,
2016, several months prior to the decal sticker release; note the 'Slop Culture Kids © Magic Marker Art' trademark line. The 'mark drawing' is defined as an illustration: a drawing with word(s)/letter(s)/number(s) in stylized form typeset. And, the 'description of mark' is defined as: the mark consists of the blue word "Slop!" melted text above the words "Culture Kids" in a straight orange to yellow pop art style, however, color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.



PRE-NOV 2015

A custom SCK image found it's way into the Horrorible Kids Series 4 set, released in August of 2019, for cards 78a LOU Pan and 78b Dark DAVID was originally created for the Gallery 1988 group show event 'Crazy 4 Cult 9', titled 'Dark DAVID / LOU Pain', that ran from November 20th through December 5th, 2015. The art show was a tribute to a plethora of cult movies including the film 'Big Trouble in Little China'.

The synopsis for the 1986 Big Trouble in Little China film, starring Kurt Russell, involves truck driver Jack Burton getting caught up in crazy conflict San Francisco's Chinatown rescuing his best friend's fiancee from Lo Pan and breaking the ancient curse that keeps the antogonist a fleshless and immortal spirit.
The event artwork nomenclature 'Dark DAVID' references Lo Pan's alias 'David Lo-Pan', or simply 'Dave'. And, 'LOU Pain / LOU Pan' — a Low Pain (threshold) — a parody of the evil scorcerer's surname 'Lo Pan', sometimes written and seen as 'Lo-Pan'.


PRE-DEC 2015

Another Slop Culture Kids custom artwork paid tribute to another popular pastime of the era, video gaming and the nostalgic NES, the Nintendo Entertainment System. The piece was titled BONNIE Hunter — bounty hunter — and Super SAM — Super (Metroid) SAMUS — for the character artwork that was specifically created for the Gallery 1988 group show even titled 'Console Wars', a Super Nintendo and Sega themed show that ran from Dec 11th through the 31st, 2015.

Although this parody version of Samus did not find her way into any Magic Marker Art parody set, a different iteration fo Samus Aran can be found in the 2018 Nintendopes parody set release as cards 4a SAMUS I. Ran and 4b Met ROY.



PRE-JAN 2016

Another SCK custom artwork piece by Pingitore titled 'Mer MANNY / BALOO Steel' was specifically created for the Gallery 1988 group show even titled 'Zoolander : Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Art Show', a Zoolander tribute themed show that ran from January 9th through the 30th, 2016, poking further fun at the male modeling industry. The character is modeled after the Garbage Pail Kids image for OS3 cards 108a Smelly SALLY and 108b Fishy PHYLLIS painted by John Pound. The nomenclature 'Mer MANNY' equals merman and 'BALOO Steel' which stands for Blue Steel, the main protagonist in the movie Zoolander portrayed by actor Ben Stiller.

A very close concept and pose could later be found within the Disasters of the Universe Series 1 set released in August 2016 as cards 9a Mer MANNY, with the same a-name, and 9b Gilled GIL, both body of works appearing in a similar seducing and seductive position.


MAR 2016

Prior to the Horrorible Series 1 release on during October 2016, two months prior in August an Enamel Pin of 4a CHAIN SAUL was available for purchase for $13 from Cavity Colors website who partnered with Pingitore to release the limited edition quantity of 150 pins (which sold out fast). The "CHAIN SAUL" pin was advertised as a sneak peek on Magic Marker Art's Facebook page.

A soft enamel pin sneak-peek image for card 3a PIA Soup from the Horrorible Kids card set was posted to social media on August 15, 2017, thus, adding to the Magic Markers Art product line, most specifically to the popular pin line. On September 18th, two additional pins were pictured with only the card backs for 4a Chain SAUL and 6a Masked MICHAEL. The three Halloween-advertisted pins were eventually released on 10/12/2017 for a $27 bundle or $10ea — all three limited to 150. This would be the second, slightly different release for 4a Chain SAUL, previously released by Cavity Colors.


PRE-JUL 2016

The eighth custom SCK image that found it's way into the Horrorible Kids set was for cards 8a Dusk Til DAWN and 8b Seductive SELMA that was specifically created for the Gallery 1988 group show event '20 Years Later' that ran from July 1st through July 16th, 2016. The art show was a tribute to all of the cult movies that were released in 1996 including Fargo, Mars Attacks, From Dusk Till Dawn, Scream, Independence Day, Space Jam, Romeo & Juliet, et cetera.

The From Dusk till Dawn (1996 horror/crime) film synopsis involves fugitive bank robbers and brothers on the run from the F.B.I. and Texas police end up at a strip club where the employees and strippers are all revealed to be vampires.
Movie actor Selma Hayek played the part of Santánico Pandemonium, the primary Queen Vampire of the "Titty Twister" strip club in the middle of desolate Mexico. The name is based on the Mexican Nunsploitation film of the same name.




Pingitore's tribute piece, a character parody playing homage to John Pound's OS1 cards 9a Boozin' BRUCE and 9b Drunk KEN was created for his Slop Culture Kids line early in 2016 titled 'Tipsy TYRION / Half MANNY'. The painting showcases the true non-reversed OS1 imagery that Topps corrected for the Abrams GPK book, but changed up the animals to coincide with the 'Game of Thrones' sigils: a 'yellow lion with green barf for the house of Lannister instead of the 'green snake', the 'blue direwolf' of house Stark instead of the 'blue bunny' and a 'pink dragon' of house Targaryen instead of the 'pink elephant'. A similar tribute piece can also be located within the Marveless Kids parody set for cards 6a Tanked TONY and 6b DAMON In A Bottle in the reversed OS1 position.



PRE-OCT 2016

Pingitore created a parody of the character Judge Dredd titled 'Dread PHIL / Judge N. JERRY' that was specifically created for the Gallery 1988 group show event 'Crazy 4 Cult X' that ran from October 21st through November 5th, 2016. The art show was a tribute to a plethora of cult movies including the 1995 science fiction action film 'Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone'.

The movie is based on the comic book character of the same name and takes place in a dystopian future where the main protagonist, Joseph Dredd, is convicted for a crime he did not commit. Dredd is a Judge by day, a police officer with instant filed judiciary powers. The character nomenclature, 'Dread PHIL' meaning 'dreadful': involving great suffering, fear or unhappiness. An event that is extremely bad and/or serious. The 'Judge N. JERRY' name is short for the phrase 'judge, jury and executioner', meaning that the person is in charge of every decision made and that they have the power to be rid of whomever they choose, and by means they see fit.

The Topps GPK 2017 Series 1 ADAM-Geddon set, released in January, was the last set that Pingitore submitted material for during 2016.
Mark ended his freelance gig with Topps in order to pursue his own personal line of parody releases through his Magic Marker Art website.