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What is the one line you would never hear "Riddick" say?
Caption 1
"If you had the opportunity to choose Vin's next role... "
"...sum up who you are/what you are about with one song..."
"You are shopping at the mall..."
"Vin Diesel just moved in next door to you..."
"If you could go out on a date with Vin..."
"What would you see if you gazed deeply into Vin's shined eyes?"
"If you could change one thing about the movie Pitch Black, what would it be and why??"
"If you were a contestant on a dating show..."
"What is Vin thinking in this picture?"
"What is the craziest thing that you would do to meet Vin??"
"If you made a Vin Diesel Bumper Sticker, what would it say?"
"Who is Vin talking to in this picture and what is he saying?"
"If you created a candy bar for Vin, what would be in it and what would you name it?"
What kind of animal reminds you of Vin and why?
If you could write/choose a song for or about Vin, what would it be called?
If you could ask Vin just one question, what would it be?
What is Vin thinking in this picture?
Describe a dream you've had of Vin.

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