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Bennie Martini

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Catsong Production History:

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Catsong Productions was founded in 2003 with the intention of preserving some of America's great musical and theatrical history.
"Made in America - Vaudeville Songs" was a recording of vaudeville and popular song from 1895 - 1930. These were songs performed by Judy Garland's famiy in vaudeville.
Singer Janine Ullyette, with Bennie Martini's help, compiled a book of sheet music, comprising more than 80 of his songs.
Recordings and videotapes of Bennie Martini are being reviewed for possible use on a CD or downloads on the internet. 
Shortly before his passing, Mr. Martini wrote his autobiography. It is hoped that we can put together this work for publication.
Much labor and funding will be needed to complete this wonderful project on this brilliantly talented artist whose career spanned over eighty years!
For further information, please contact us.

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