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TFCC Middle East

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IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC) Home page

Cluster Computing Projects in Middle East Countries

Countries, Universities or Research Centers, Cluster Computing Projects are organized as alphabetical order.

For adding your project to the following list please refer to online submission section at the end of this page.


Cluster Computing Events

Cooperative Events



Online Submission of your project information

Middle East Region Country only !!

Please fill in the following form in English and click the send button:


          Country Name     
     Organization Name  
             Lab. Name  
          Project Name  
   Contact Person Name  
 Contact Email Address  


                   Country Name  CC 
              Organization Name  University of XXX
                       Lab.Name  YYY Laboratory
                   Project Name  ZZZ Project
            Contact Person Name  Dr. contact-name
          Contact Email Address 

Please enter the project's abstract in following box:



If you have any comment please write us below:



Middle East Coordinator

H.S.Shahhoseini Ph.D.

Iran University of Science & Technology
Electrical Engineering Department
Narmak, Tehran, 16844, Iran.

irect FAX: (0098-21) 888 68 68

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