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Hortense Advice about Movies
All the movies I have gone over, for the most part, are grown up movies.  Most of them are rated R.  So if you want to rent them and laugh, be scared or see a good story unfold, then do Hortense this favor.  If you have children, make sure they are in bed or out of the room or house(don't throw them out) when you watch these movies.  Children are very receptive to audiovisual stimuli and it could harm or damage their developmental stages in their lives.  Here let me put that in simple terms to grasp.  My Dad took me to see The Shining when it came out at the theaters.  I was twelve years old, I am pretty sure I didn't sleep for about 4 days.  

Songs that should be shot into the Sun.

Two phrases come to mind: Waste of good tape and I just lost two hours of my life.


Happy Movie Hunting!        

Hortense Vasucchi