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Event Horizon Okay, I had to stick a Horror Movie in here somewhere.  This stars  Sam Neill and Lawrence Fishburne.  No smart comments from me on this one, it still gives me the creeps.  Synopsis:  A lost space ship reappears in deep space, been missing for 7 years.  Fishburne and His crew go out to salvage the ship with Neill riding shotgun as a NSA operative.  The ship is powered by a reactor that emulates a Black Hole, hence the name Event Horizon.  This movie has a twisted story going on, while there is a variety of sub stories at the same time.  If you like Horror movies, then check this one out.  Favorite line from movie, after Fishburne observes the ship's log on CD:  We're leaving.

THe Shining   This is my favorite horror movie of all time!  It doesn't have million dollar special effects.  The way that it is creepy, is that the story is believable, disregarding the ghosts and stuff in the film.  I mean it is about an angry, recovering alcoholic and his creepy, but sweet wife and their gifted son.  Yes, I mean the Kennedys!  No, actually Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall are the Mom and Dad team, that I wouldn't invite to any get-togethers!   Their little boy is clairvoyant and can see the trouble that lies ahead for the family.  Synopsis:  Jack is the alcoholic dad and he is a writer/school teacher, the teacher bit pays the bills.  He wants to write a novel and gets the chance by landing a job taking care of a hotel way back in the Boonies, in the wintertime.  He takes his family to spend six months there and he completely loses his cookies during that time.  It took me about 6 viewings, to understand what set the whole thing off.  When he is sitting at the bar and right before the bartender shows up, what is the last thing he says?  Not going to tell you, but before he said it, there was no bartender to tend him.  Get this one during the winter for a more creepy effect during viewing.

Evil Dead 1 and 2  Both of these movies are disturbing and graphic.  By the way, the original movie started out as a class project in college.  The teachers liked it so much, they encouraged them to go furthur with the project.  These take place in the deep, dark woods away from civilization.  Bunch of friends away for the weekend to blow off steam and party.  So it's the usual set-up for a horror movie.  Then you find out that the cabin used to belong to an archaeologist who traveled the World looking for the Necronomicon.  The Book of the Dead.  They find it and you guessed it, they start reading out loud from it.  The film is shot in North Carolina and Tennessee, in the middle of the woods.  Check this one out, if you want a different kind of scared.  

The Amityville Horror   This is a good, old horror movie.  The movie is set in a house that appears to have had a troubled history.  Do you know the trouble buying a house, that the former family that lived in gets gunned down by the son?  He didn't do it though, he was "crazy", he heard voices urging him to do terrible things.  Now your inside George Bush Jr. or Al Gore's head.  The new family moves in and it never stops getting weird at the house.  It will creep you out.  This is a movie from the time when they didn't need half-naked girls to sell it to the public.  Half-naked girls are a beautiful thing.  I got married to one, yep we had a naked wedding.  But this movie is set with a creepy but close to home attitude.  1)Ancient Indian burial ground where the house is now.  2)Family getting whacked before the other family moves in.  3)New family loses out on the,"nice, quiet place where the kids can grow up,"  brochure from the Realty company.  The movie stars James Brolin, (who later married Barbara Streisand) and Margot Kidder who flipped out later in life.  She did the Superman movies and I would marry her being crazy, than marrying Streisand sane.