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The Matrix    Keanu Reeves in a futuristic thriller.  I had to start the review this way, with a one liner that catches your eye because(I can't stand Keanu), this way it helps me to tell you that this was a great movie.  Even though he was in it.  Good story, great visuals, interesting camera shots.  Synopsis:  The movie has Neo(Reeves), as a pawn, in a cat and mouse game that is rooted in a virtual World, where you don't know what's real or not.  Incredible fight scenes and the use of special effects was in conjunction with the story to complement it, not over shadow.  See if you can spot all the allusions to the Old and New Testament, the movie was written with the Bible as a template.

Long Kiss Goodnight    This movie is about how Woody Allen ended up "keeping it in the family", with Soon Yee.  Ha! Ha!  Woody, you are almost a man!  On a more serious note, this movie stars Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson and has a different take on an action movie.  Synopsis:  Davis is a stay at home mom, who has a selective amnesia.  She can’t remember who she is or where she came from, kinda like Hillary Clinton and that whole New York carpet bagging thing.  Just kidding!  Please don’t have me, "Vince Fostered!"  Anyway, it turns out that she used to be some kind of mercenary and people are interested to know where she is currently located, so they can "expire" her.  Some people thought this was a cheesy movie.  Most action movies are cheesy.  This movie has a tongue-in-cheek attitude about house mom responsibilities and the best way to kill someone in the foyer or living room.  The movie is pretty cool, it also gives you insight on how Martha Stewart will probably snap and "take out" her production crew, one of these days.  

X-men Another Woody Allen headline!  No... that's pedophile.  If you like comic books or comic based movies, then pick this up.  No, it's not about Woody Allen, He's an altogether different kind of supervillian.  This movie is about people with mutations in their biological make-up and how they band together to try and protect Humanity.  The characters, in my opinion, are dead on.  I've read quite a few X-men comics and the movie is well done.  The only drawback is the story is kind of jumpy.  But you can see they're setting this up for multiple sequels.  All the characters are likable, they all have human flaws too.  Synopsis:  People of different mutations are being pressured to register with the Government.  Some of the mutants have decided to get rid of humans, the other side(with Jean Luc Picard) decides to fight them.  Fight scenes are incredible.

The Eiger Sanction    Here is an old one that is a classic.  Has interesting bad guys, Government agents are killing people, but they are not sure who exactly to kill.  They have to "silence" someone who could compromise their lie.  I know what your thinking..Yeah it sounds like the Presidential  Secret Service is at it again!   This is a great older movie in your video store.  Beautiful scenery, lots of free-hand rock climbing and spy vs spy action.  Synopsis:  Clint Eastwood plays a retired agent.  The company needs his services, they blackmail him for encouragement.  He has to get in shape to climb the EIGER mountain.  The rock and mountain climbing are awesome!  This is a good thriller!  The movie is also funny because everything is soooo...1970's.  Clint also plays the cool tough guy.  Love the Dirty Harry movies, same style but as a spy thriller.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins   This one has Fred Ward in it.  You know the guy from the Wonder Years.    No, wait that's Fred Savage.  It's a wonder Savage still eats twice a week.  I've seen the rise and demise of this child prodigy actor.  This one has a former cop that has a face lift and new identity given to him.  The reason is, some  people want to use him to do "above the law" work and terminate any unnecessary loose ends.  Yes, I know it sounds like the NYPD is doing a movie.  Anyway, this guy is sent to train with a little Korean jedi master.  He teaches him all this sneaky monk jitsu.  The movie also has the charming captain of the Star Trek Voyager as the female counterpart  Synopsis:  Ward plays a dead cop turned action hero.  The Korean guy training him,is flat out funny.  Ward gets trained and goes after an Arms dealer that is defrauding  the Government and who doesn't mind killing people that get in his way.  This movie is part action and part comedy.  The best I saved for last:Wilford Brimley stars too(The oatmeal guy), so watch this's the right thing to do.