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Hamrick's of California 1850

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John W. Hamrick's descendants:
Scroll down for a wealth of Hamrick photos follow....keep in mind the Hamrick family is kind of confusing to follow, on this page we have the son of John W. Hamrick (brother to Jesse Calvert Hamrick, my direct), his name is ALSO George, like his uncle who wrote the trail diary so scroll down to George W. Hamrick at age 24....his wife is Christina Atkeson, and his children are Ruby, Colonel George and Gladys. I believe the photo collection I received  belonged to Gladys Hamrick Davis, because of the way she wrote notes on the back of each picture, the collection was found at a Salvation Army and sent to me by the woman who found it in Seattle. She found me on the net, via my old Hamrick sites.
So on this page we have John W.'s grandchildren, who grow up and marry, Ruby marries Fred Horton, whose name I vaguley remember from my childhood, could my family have known this family?
Gladys marries Charles Davis and has children Bud, Donna and Marjorie.
At the end of the page is one Uncle John Ruby, noted as a family friend and Judge.
The home on Marhsall Way IS still be here in Sacramento, I  have found it and taken a photo to include here, scroll down to see the 1914 house and the 2005 house, the exterior is remarkably UNCHANGED!
If these people are your direct ancestors contact me, I'd like to get copies of these photos to you and meet you, as we are 3rd cousins, being that we have common ancestors in NM Hamrick and his wife Mariah, they are buried in Ione, CA. and I have compiled a large collection of material regarding their descendants.

Christina Atkeson Hamrick

Christina's Mother
Addie Atkeson

George W. Hamrick
Age 24, Father of Gladys, Ruby and Colonel

Colonel George W. Hamrick
Died at age 21

Gladys Hamrick

Gladys Hamrick age 18
She will marry Charles Davis

Ruby Hamrick
Age 2 years and 9 months

Ruby Hamrick
Daughter of George and Christina Hamrick

Ruby Hamrick

Ruby Hamrick Horton and Fred Horton
1915 at the Fair

1914-The Horton Home on Marshall Way
View of the Interior

Ruby and Fred's house in Sacramento
2650 Marshall Way

The Hamrick-Horton House c 2005
Marshall Way, Sacramento

The Hamrick-Horton House
Built c 1914
Arts and Crafts Classic

I was so pleased to find the old Hamrick-Horton House last weekend and to speak with the current owner of this lovely old arts and crafts home, that was built by 1914, according to the postcard photos in my collection, the first home of Ruby Hamrick and husband Fred Horton.
I plan to meet with the current owner who is interested in the history of the home, and in restoring her to original condition, and I will give him copies of all the current photos in the collection! What a terrific outcome of family history research, marrying the past to the present is very rewarding.

The year is 1945
This is Fred Horton at age 67

Sisters Ruby and Gladys Hamrick
Gladys is 14 and Ruby is 19 years old

Uncle John Ruby
A friend of the family and also called Judge

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