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Dreamers of Light

High atop Mt. Illaspe stands the House of Dreamers of Light.

The Dreamers are illuminated as they believe that the dream has no direct effect on the waking world in every sense. They believe that souls do exist in the dream and that imprisoning the mare essence is the only way to deal with the mare essence.

They believe the mare essences contains the souls of the unawakened and if they imprison the essences that it will free the soul. They believe banishing is futile because both the soul of the awaken and the nightmare are banished and draining as a selfish act as it murders the soul within.

Facts about the Dreamers of Light:

Plane: Mt. Illaspe

Beliefs: Illuminated/Imprisonment

Role: Warrior House

Prime Artifact: N/A

Dreamers of Light's Emblem

Written by: Sage X

As the first part of the DoL emblem was created you can see, the happy, smiling face that looks to the left was devised to portray the Illuminated Philosophy. The smile represents the inner joy, the tranquility, of the one who is at peace with himself, one who has accepted responsibility for his actions, for good or evil, in the dream. He realizes that the good works we do here, illuminate and glorify our souls and those works carry over in the waking world. The face looking to the right, by contrast, is distorted, confused and at odds with itself. It is the face of one who cannot grip the connection between Underlight and the waking world. One who hasn't yet realized our actions here affect the waking world, and so trouble and confused.

The newest part of the emblem, set out in sharper relief from the older background sphere shape and the faces, represents the houses views on saving souls.
This newer belief is a newer one which came from the Nightmare Wars before the Great Loss. As the Nightmares began to attack the City, in force and in great numbers, the debate arose on how best to fight them. The scholar-warriors of Dreamers of Light concluded, after studying the question of how to stop the nightmares and save the souls trapped by them, Imprisoning was used to save the soul and stop the chaos from affecting the unawakened souls. This belief of the second part of the house emblem is that of imprisoning mare essences saves the unawakened dreamers soul.
The two sharply defined, slashing curves, represents that moment of glory, of triumph, when the mare essence is imprisoned. The lower curve with its opening pointing down, represents the mare essences being imprisoned. The upper one, with its open side pointing to the heavens, represents the Dreamers soul being freed. The fact that both are open represents the ongoing, continual nature of this struggle between good and evil.


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