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The Union of the Covenant

The Union of the Covenant's Main Entrance

As the Union guards over the barren lands of Edgeward Barrows, the Union is a house of defense, freedom, and justice. The Union is a FreeSoul Draining House. 

The Union believes that their actions within the City although important, does not effect the waking world, "Clouds Break". They believe the dream is simply a dream, nothing more and nothing less. 

The Union believe in "draining" as a way to deal with the mare essence that the mares leave behind once they are collapsed. The believe the mare essence is merely a shell of energy, there is no soul within that shell. In which, energy is neither good or bad, merely the way you utilize that energy. They drain the energy to strengthen themselves and their house. The energy is transferred into their prime artifact.

Each member in the Union follows one of the three paths of the house. Each path controls a certain function of the house in which the guardian/ruler assumes full responsibility.

Archon: The Archon controls the diplomatic functions of the house, the mentoring of seekers and pledges of the Union, general house procedures, and the best interest of it's members.


Centurion: The Centurion controls the defense of the house and it's military. He trains the warriors of the house in becoming better and greater defenders of the City.


Coronet: The Coronet controls the teaching function of the house. He sets up the teaching policies, mentoring teachers, mentoring those who wish to become a teacher for the house, and much more.


Facts of the Union:

Plane: Edgeward Barrows

Beliefs: Freesoul/Drainers

Role: Warrior House (Defensive)

Prime Artifact: "The Heart of the Union"

Union Members

Rulers of the Union; RavenXR, WinterValentine, and Witeknight

Rulers of the Union:

Centuarion; RavenXR, Archon; WinterValentine, and Coronet; Witeknight.

Front and Center! Takana speaks!

The Union of the Covenant's Sensechal & FreeSoul Knight: Takana

Officers of the Union:

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The "little" wolf of the Union, Mael waving a furry paw at us.    The Big Wolf of the Union, Gorgunsun    Jiovanni, the shapeshifting DreamSeer and Officer fo the Union!    Tamarisk, Officer and the Union Brat.    Braelynn, The Union's Lone Fatesender & Officer to the Union    

Officers Mael, Gorgunsun, Jiovanni, Tamarisk, and Braelynn


Talin Dametraz, SoulMaster and Teacher of the Union.    Al-E, Gatekeeper & Teacher of the Union

Talin Dametraz & Al-E

The Union works hard but they play harder!


Braelynn stands guard on her perch.

I wonder if I can make them laugh? And where are the furry funny hats?

Tamarisk and Mael stand guard at the Union's Main Entrance.

Psst.... you're on candid camera. I wonder what they'll whispering about?

Seem like WinterValentine is whispering something in RavenXR's ear.

Moonies & Unionites UNITE!

Even the "moonies" enjoy their visits to the Union.

Ouch, that flame is going straight for Koga....

Mael and Koga practice their flames in a flame duel.


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