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1) Magnets can be used for years, provided one takes care of them.

2) It is a quite a harmless, safe and effective mode of treatment.

3) Electric eels and fish were used by Romans to treat arthritis and gout.

4) The magnetic field of the Earth is difficult for students to appreciate because magnetic field lines are invisible.

5) The World Health Organization published a study in 1987 that did away with the notion that magnets in the strengths commonly used for therapeutic uses have any detrimental effect on the human body.

6) Magnets can prevent old age! Studies have shown that a house-fly’s life span could be doubled and a rat’s life-span increased by about 45% through the use of magnets. The American gynecologist, Dr. Maclean found that magnets not only prevent greying of hair, but in some cases the hair was restored to its original colour!

7) Magnets have successfully used to cure cancer.

8) Magnets also help in case of mental unrest by applying the south pole of a weak magnet to the forehead for about 10 minutes daily.

9) Magnetotherapy is not addictive and can be terminated anytime without side-effects.

10) It is useful during epidemics.

11) Magnets can be used to decrease the white cell blood count which increases in most diseases.

12) Studies conducted on animals kept in a magnetic field showed that they survived even dangerous and severe radiation burns! God forbid; should a nuclear war break out, magnets may just help save countless lives!

13) Fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field caused by magnetic storms (which occur on the sun) can adversely affect the health of living things!

14) Scientists have discovered that higher vertebrates like dinosaurs died-out due to magnetic field declines. This was determined by the study of ocean floor core samples. When the magnetic poles of the earth ‘changed places’ the magnetic field may have dropped to zero.
The effects of the decline in the magnetic field on human health was realized when early cosmonauts experienced bone-calcium loss and muscle cramps when in space above the earth’s magnetic field for long time periods. When artificial magnetic fields were placed in the space capsule, astronauts kept good health.

15) The Russian Doctor Komarov from ‘The Institute of General Genetics’ hopes that magnets will be able to prolong a human life-span to 400 years.

Every body in space emits electromagnetic waves, including human beings. Science is finally conceding to the fact that this electromagnetic field around humans (called prana, chetana, chi, bioelectricity) exists and has an important role to play in the maintenance of health.



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