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     LUNA SEA is my first favorite japan rock band. They are RYUICHI(vo.), SUGIZO(guitar), INORAN(guitar), J(bass) and SHINYA(drum). But now I won't have any introduction about them, I only want to write about how I know them and why I like them.^^;

      As you all know LUNA SEA is a visual rock band, and I really like them when they have heavy make up and dark image. However, before I like them, I really afraid of visual rock e.g. X , when I was little and saw some photos about X, I really had a doubt that they are men or women and feel very strange that why people would like this kind of people. But ironically I love visual rock so much now, (hahahahaha) not only their image but also their music.

      So I start like LUNA SEA when i saw one of their MTV i.e. IN SILENCE. Although I know the name of LUNA SEA for a long time and still think that  they are equal to the band like X, I didn't have chance to listen to their music. When i saw their MTV, I really feel shock about this kind of rock. Actually at that time I concentrated on british bands so much and feel surprise about this kind of music. Mostly I start to like a band because of their vocalist. It is because I think  vocal is very important that to express the music of the band. ^_^ That means the first member I like in LUNA SEA is RYU, :P (now I become sugi and j's slave).

     Later, in 1997, they all had their own solo activities and this gives me a chance to understand their own music. Also during this time, I had a chance to watch their live performance through LD and this is the real time I start to like the whole band LUNA SEA. And this gives me a strong impression that they all have great performance in the live. Also I am very touching when I saw some songs in their lives, this is the first time that makes me understand that watch the live performance is very different from only listen cds. Now I am the slave of LUNA SEA and I like all the members in LUNA SEA.

     Moreover, if you still have the interest about my feeling of each member and their albums, then click below pls. >.<


    RYUICHI         SUGIZO              INORAN        SHINYA



       NEVER SOLD OUT               1999/1/14 in Hong Kong