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Here's how to join the pack.....

1. You need to come to mIRC and then to:

Ports: 6667,6662,6664,6666,6668

2. Begin coming often so we can get to know you and you get to know us, and so you can learn the rules of the pack
3. After that time is up ask an Alpha to join, you will then go into what is called 'assesment' that is when the pack members determine if you are worthy enough to run with the pack.
That's it! once that is done you will become part of the family.....I hope you do decide to come and join us...

More Info on Assesments:

If you decide to become an assemsment, remember that it will be your responsibility know the rules of the pack and show respect for all pack members. The pack is a very close family group. We look out for and protect one another and the clearing .
Not every Assessment will make it into the pack. Assesment time can last anywhere from a few weeks to a month. We want you to be sure this is the right pack for you and you are right for the pack before you join us. If you need anymore information on assesments, contact an alpha.