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Pack members are those that have been lucky enough to join this great pack, through loyalty, dedication, and courage....
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Alphas:Alphas are the leaders of the pack. They are often the wisest and strongest in the pack. They maintain the structure and peace among the wolves , give the commands and establish the rules, the current alphas are:

Female Alpha :
SavageWlf is a 2 year old wolf. Her fur is a mix of grey, black, with a brown hood and ears. Her short, heavy fur is very soft and glossy. Her lean, slender face is adorned by two soft brown eyes, and a wet, black nose. She stands about 3 feet at the shoulders. Her body is lean yet strong, with a powerful frame. She has the look of a skilled hunter about her.

Male Alpha :
Kiersah- is a large black and sable wolf. One look from his silver gleaming eyes causes you to sense his strength and fierceness. He stands tall, and meets your gaze, his tail raised showing his high rank. He emits a low growl, and flashes his fangs. He is a proud member of the NightRunners and will do what he must to protect his pack, for he is not the type to be understanding or to show mercy. Kiersah stands 4 ft from nose to tail and slightly short at 3.5 ft high. He is 6 1/2yrs old,and has rather worn looking fur and his face,paws, and ears are riddled with scars from his many fights, showing that one must be wary of his dangerous temper.

Betas:Betas are only second in authority to the alphas. They help the Alphas to delegate authority when needed.

Female Beta :
KalikaWolf -has dark sable fur, which in the light glitters , She looks as to be the night goddess standing over her friends and family, when you look at her all you can do is stare in wonderment and marvel her sleek beauty, she turns to meet your gaze and you are met by jade green eyes the seem to hold the secrets of the world within them.

Guardians:The responsibility of these wolves is to guard the clearing and protect it from harm and attack.

Male Guardian :
StpnWolf- He is a grey and white wolf, so old that even he doesn't remember his age. He is lovingly known as the "Morning Guardian" due to his ferocity and vigilance at protecting the pack while they are asleep (the time zone difference helps). We welcome this tireless guardian back to the clearing after many months away hunting.

Scouts:In times of war these wolves are called upon to search out the enemy. Scouts must also journey to other packs and attempt alliances. They are also in charge of recruting new wolves to the pack.

empty (none)

Regular Pack:These wolves make up the main pack, without them the pack would not be. They are the strength of the pack

Female :

Male :

Male :
Squall - is a 2 and 1/2 yr old wolf. His fur is a mix of greys, and browns complimented by an all white underbelly. Extrememly playful, has a strong protective instinct and can be very stubborn at times.

Male:SilverTalon -

Male :
ShrikeWulf-Shrike is a 3 year old male wolf. He seems a little smaller than the average wolf... he has a silvery coat, with a black-tipped tail and pure white paws. What most noticeable about him is a red line of fur down his back.

Female: StarShine- StarShine is a very caring member of the NightRunners pack, she is a friend to all and holds a special place of council.

Pups: If you want to join a little easier you can start as a pup ........

The pups with a * by their names are open to be RPed as.

Female :
Vaishali - Daughter of GreyPaws and EmberWolf. Vaishali is a fearless and stubborn 6 month old pup, with Sable black fur and amber green eyes, she's mesmerizing at first glance, she's extremly mischeivous but wants despertly to make her papa Proud.

Female :
Amaris - AmarisWolf is a tiny black wolf with light blue eyes. Her fur shines in the sun. Her front left paw and her back right paw are both white. She has a little white on her chest. She only wishes to do her best at things and be a great member of her pack.

Female : Dedalia -Dedalia is a small black wolf pup about 7 months old. She has soft golden eyes and her ears are tipped with silver. Her tail is cut at the very end, probably bit off. Her underside is a light brown. She is the adopted daughter of KalikaWlf.


MagicalWolf -MagicalWolf is a 2-year-old Male TimberWolf. He is a white wolf with a grey like collar around his neck and grey on his head. All four of his legs are marked with grey and white. His underside is white as well and he has a grey tip on his tail. He's 4 and a half feet from muzzle to tail and stands 4 feet off the ground with 4 inch paws is MagicalWolf has a grey scar under his right eye. His eyes are like black daggers if you get on his bad side, but if you on his good side you will be alive to see another sun set and moon rise.

Honored Guests:


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