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About making this page!


All Freeware, and Adware, and Careware

Trellix Web.  I have made pages from scratch with HTML, and this page has many HTML elements, but this is simply a wonderful pagemaker, and it made everything so much easier!  It is free if you have  fortune city or tripod account.

Ultimate FX  for image editing.  It is adware, until registered.

XNView for image editing and conversion click this line for their website.  I use this to convert images from bmp to jpg or gif after cropping or retouching them with Microsoft Paint.  Or for converting from gif to bmp, for cropping or retouching with Microsoft Paint.  Paint won't handle .gif images.

Arachnophilia  for when it is still necessary to write HTML. After you have learned how to write code. It is still unnecessary to make life harder than it is with arachnophilia.  It has a very convenient viewer, spell checker, and ftp client.    It is an advanced HTML editor, with many convenient pop in codes, and it makes the whole process alot easier.  It is careware: That means the programmer has a moral he wants you to read about.  

Netscape Navigator/Composer for easy page creation.

Cute FTP, the easiest ftp client, but only free if you use tripod, otherwise it adware until you buy it.  It is generally bundled with a pretty snazzy HTML editor. Cute HTML.

Websites to keep in mind

where you can download most of this software!

to learn everything there is to know about making web pages!

My computer is a Compaq Presario 5184
Processor AMD-K6-2
64 MB Ram
4.6GB Hardrive
56K V.90 Modem
Windows 98

Some personal thoughts.


Mom and Dad,
My friends Tim and Dave,
My Sisters Kat and Julie,
My cats Critter and Shadow!
I do love you all.  Thanks for your patience!

Things you need to keep your life sane order while you are designing web pages!

a free internet answering machine!  Very important if  you have one phone line, a dial up ISP, and you want to maintain relationships with the above persons!  They can leave threatening, and generally profane  messages, telling you to get off net, and it will be forwarded to you immediately while you are online!

 I have never seen a computer that wasn't shipped with configuration problems that slowed the system down.  This website is just great!  Again if you are going to be working with a computer alot you want it in the best shape possible.

Microsoft Paint generally bundled with Win98 Win95.  I use it for cropping and retouching images.  If you haven't got it you can generally download it from their website at http://www.microsoft.com.