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Yeah, people will forever remember him for his big screen debut in the David Lean classic "Lawrence of Arabia" in 1962! His career certainly didn't end there. He has put in numerous performances in Television. Movies and on the stage, and given the opportunity many were excellent and memorable.Yeah, he liked to drink! He is perfectly capable of doing a good characature of himself for those who are that gauche

A Sydney Morning Herald Interview}{ ) }{......... ehem cough cough......... moving on!

I am not going to bother you with any boring characterizations. If you really want to get a feel for his personality read his two autobiographies. "Loitering With Intent the Child" and "Loitering With Intent the Apprentice," and yes many of his interviews are worthwhile, but read them with a critical eye.
Anyway here are the pertinent facts to my knowledge.

Born Peter Seamus O'Toole in 1932, the exact date and location are disputed probably owing to citizenship concerns. The most quoted birthdate is Aug. 2, the most quoted location is Galway Ireland. His parents were Patrick "Spats" O'Toole and Constance Jane Eliot Ferguson. His father was an itinerant bookie. He moved to Leeds as a boy and spent his childhood following his father on the horse racing circuit in North of England. Owing to the war, and probably temperament, he had little formal education as a child. ( Note: IMHO this was not due to lack of interest, or intelligence.) He became an apprentice reporter as a teenager, but quickly became disillusioned. At 17 he enlisted the Royal Navy, and served for two years as a radioman, until he was lucky enough to land a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

My understanding is that he studied there for two years but perhaps didn't graduate. Loitering with Intent the Apprentice provides an account of this experience, at least of the first semester. He performed on stage for several years as member of the Bristol Old Vic, then as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, until he eventually landed his first movie role in "The Savage Innocents" (1959).

He won the part of Lawrence in 1959. It was grueling long shoot until "Lawrence of Arabia" made it's stunning debut in 1962.

As I said, he has had many important parts since then, most notably "Beckett" (1964), "The Lion In Winter" (1968) my personal favorite, "Goodbye Mr. Chips" (1969), "Ruling Class" (1970) my second favorite, "The Stuntman" (1978), "Masada" (1980 TV), "My Favorite Year" (1982), and recent television appearances in "Gullivers Travels," and "Joan of Arc."
Like most of his fans, I am not lucky enough to live in an area where I have been able to see him on stage, consequently I am not very knowledgeable about his theater history.. I do know he loves the theater more than the movies. I do know that he is one of the few actors to perform the full version of "Hamlet" in this century. He was handpicked by Lawrence Olivier for the part. His favorite theater is the Old Vic in London where he made his debut in 1953 with George Bernard Shaw's "Major Barbara," and that his most notable recent stage performance was in "Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell" at the Old Vic. "

O'Toole was married to actress Sian Phillips from 1959-79. He has two daughters from that marriage. Katherine and Patricia. He has one son(Lorcan) from a relationship with model Karen Somerville!