March 11



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Roadside orientation in New Mexico

jpeg03-11-01-1040.jpg (79628 bytes) Al, you look about as cold as I'm sure everyone felt at this orientation stop.
jpeg03-11-01-1041.jpg (92174 bytes) Phil demonstrates how to handle an aggressive map...  "Apply one swift karate chop to the left flank followed immediately by a quick thrust to the mid section with your closed fist..."


Valley of the Fires, New Mexico
jpeg03-11-01-1216.jpg (172848 bytes) Reubs (left), & Al (right) at Valley of the Fires.  Look at the size of the ropes in that lava flow!
jpeg03-11-01-1222.jpg (170842 bytes) Profile of the rope structure.
jpeg03-11-01-1226.jpg (273655 bytes) Katie in front of some even larger ropes.
jpeg03-11-01-1231.jpg (273891 bytes) Reubs and Katie looking at a particularly glassy portion of the flow's surface.
jpeg03-11-01-1240.jpg (200484 bytes) Nick holds a scale card next to a miniature lava tube.
jpeg03-11-01-1247.jpg (99993 bytes) Dave and Katie making notes of the flow's features.
jpeg03-11-01-1248.jpg (148915 bytes)

jpeg03-11-01-1248A.jpg (97716 bytes)

Some more profile shots of the ropes and their internal structures.
jpeg03-11-01-1253.jpg (270949 bytes) Dave and Katie point to some braided ropes!  Very cool!
jpeg03-11-01-1255.jpg (281898 bytes) We found a layer of ropes under a layer of basalt having no ropes.  Further, the rope layer was not attached to the overlying smooth layer.  Allan thought that maybe the flow had formed a crust under which the ropes later formed without welding themselves to the overlying basalt.  Interesting...


Three Rivers Petroglyphs, New Mexico
jpeg03-11-01-1424.jpg (158042 bytes) Reubs, Katie and Alissaat Three Rivers Petroglyphs.  The rabbit (next to Alissa) is my favorite.
jpeg03-11-01-1436.jpg (194553 bytes) Reubs and what appears to be a bear paw.


White Sands, New Mexico
jpeg03-11-01-1608.jpg (71711 bytes)

jpeg03-11-01-1609A.jpg (73559 bytes)

Reubs at White Sands, New Mexico.
jpeg03-11-01-1609B.jpg (68856 bytes) Had to get a shot of just the ripples.
jpeg03-11-01-1610.jpg (59525 bytes) Allan at White Sands.
jpeg03-11-01-1616.jpg (88608 bytes) John checking out the numerous root casts strewn about the sand's surface.
jpeg03-11-01-1618.jpg (87576 bytes) Nick (left), and Dave (right) closely examine a root cast.
jpeg03-11-01-1622.jpg (74515 bytes) Some of the group atop a dune.  I like the lighting in this photo.
jpeg03-11-01-1625.jpg (103728 bytes) These people shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.
jpeg03-11-01-1637.jpg (51152 bytes) Cross bedding in the dunes exposed by wind.


On the road to El Paso, Texas
jpeg03-11-01-1719.jpg (81390 bytes) Reubs takes the helm on our way to Kilbourne Hole down near El Paso.




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