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Below are the dates of the trip.  Click a date to view the photos from that day.



    Several people have asked what kind of camera I used to take the pictures, so here's the info:  It's a Kodak DC-280 ZOOM with 2.0 mega pixel resolution.  The original photos are 5.88 MB each, and 9" x 14" in size.  (Wow!)  For this web site, I reduced the resolution to 2.25 MB, then converted them to .jpeg files at 72 pixels, but kept them the same size.  That's a pretty significant reduction, and they're still pretty sharp.  I'll never go back to film.

March 10
March 11
March 12
March 13
March 14
March 15
March 16

The LONG drive from Madison.
Valley of the Fires, Three Rivers Petroglyphs, White Sands, New Mexico.
Kilbourne Hole, Waldo Mine, and the VLA, New Mexico.
Petrified Forrest, Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon -- South Rim, Arizona.
Grand Canyon, SP Crater, Babbitt Ranch, Arizona.
Shiprock, Los Alamos, Jemez Caldera, Bandeilier National Monument.
Bandelier National Monument, Orilla Valley Recreation Area



Home Photos Meteor Crater Route Map Links


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