March 14



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South Rim -- Grand Canyon, Arizona
jpeg03-14-01-0812.jpg (109879 bytes) Hey, Reubs, is this camping or scuba diving?  After a night of 9 Fahrenheit, Reubs the groundhog comes out of his tent to look for his shadow.  Six more weeks of camping, anyone?  Believe it or not, this is the south rim of the Grand Canyon!
jpeg03-14-01-1007.jpg (213320 bytes) "Well, I don't see much... a couple of Bantas, but no Sand People..."  Taking a closer look over the rim, Reuben scouts for the other members of the class.
jpeg03-14-01-1019.jpg (173084 bytes) Instep cramp-ons would have been much appreciated for this leg of the trail into the canyon.  The trail was not only covered with ice, but... shall we say... "mule sign" too.  To say the least, it's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing!
jpeg03-14-01-1104.jpg (136764 bytes) Nick (left), Dave (middle), and Reubs (right).  When I look at this photo, I'm reminded of miners from the 1800's.  I think it's our hats that conjure this image.
jpeg03-14-01-1124.jpg (97457 bytes) One of four mule trains that we saw come up from the canyon floor that day.  The fellow leading this train was quite friendly.  However, his partner -- following this train with one of his own -- was not at all happy with Reubs and Nick.  Reubs dropped his camera in front of the lead mule, and Nick dove for it.  As you can imagine, this series of events spooked the mules a little.  By coincidence, the other members of our group had a similar run-in with the same pack leader earlier in the day!!!
jpeg03-14-01-1137.jpg (209985 bytes) Reubs breaks for lunch in the canyon with Nick and Dave.
jpeg03-14-01-1207.jpg (141531 bytes) The colors in the canyon were astounding.
jpeg03-14-01-1225.jpg (222763 bytes)

jpeg03-14-01-1227.jpg (251339 bytes)

Reubs (left) and Nick (right) crawl out on a nose to take in the view and look at some well defined cross bedding in sandstone.


Babbitt Ranch, Arizona
jpeg03-14-01-2050.jpg (129326 bytes)

jpeg03-14-01-2057.jpg (106926 bytes)

Dinner at the Babbitt Ranch!  Mm-mm good!  We met a woman named Gail who invited us up to her ranch where we were treated to unparalleled hospitality that night, AND the following morning.  Boy, was the food ever great!



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