March 13



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Petrified Forest, Arizona
jpeg03-13-01-1017.jpg (189454 bytes) Katie goes after some morning wood at a stop in the petrified forest.  Hmmm...  Might this have anything to do with that sticker on the van's door?
jpeg03-13-01-1018.jpg (148583 bytes) "Area beyond sign closed"???  Uh...Phil made us go in there!
jpeg03-13-01-1019.jpg (108113 bytes) Nick (left), and Jim (right) at an outcrop overlooking a valley in the petrified forest.
jpeg03-13-01-1029.jpg (130341 bytes) Ståle sitting on a petrified tree trunk that's fairly complete.  Note all of it's branches have been broken off as is the case with all of the other petrified trees.  This is a strong clue leading to how these trees were deposited here.
jpeg03-13-01-1031.jpg (195544 bytes) Reubs & Ståle take a closer look at the tree's siliceous features... not to be confused with salacious!
jpeg03-13-01-1038.jpg (147211 bytes) Phil (foreground), Dave (background), & Reubs (photographer) ponder the depositional environment of the bedding in the petrified forest.
jpeg03-13-01-1155.jpg (73169 bytes) Ah-ha!  As promised, the mystery of the sticker is solved!  Here, we've captured the perpetrator on film plying his trade, his motives clearly advertised on the van's door.  Phil, this sort of thing is only legal in Nevada!


Meteor Carter, Arizona
jpeg03-13-01-1503.jpg (145830 bytes) Jim & Rachel (left), and Hans & Lisa (right) at Meteor Crater.
jpeg03-13-01-1503A.jpg (178092 bytes) Alissa(left), Katie (L center), Tammy (R center) & Ahnna (right) at Meteor Crater
jpeg03-13-01-1505.jpg (161994 bytes) Kirk (back left), Al (back right), Nick (left), Paul (L center), Dave (R center), Reubs (right), Ståle (front left), and Nick (front right).
jpeg03-13-01-1535.jpg (97335 bytes) The rim of Meteor Crater from about 1.5 miles away.  Though nearly all of the ejecta is eroded away, the rim still juts above the surrounding desert.


South Rim -- Grand Canyon, Arizona
jpeg03-13-01-1933.jpg (125574 bytes) Reubs checks out the sunset from the rim of the Grand Canyon.



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