March 15



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Babbitt Ranch, Arizona
jpeg03-15-01-0850.jpg (187738 bytes)

jpeg03-15-01-0855.jpg (214932 bytes)

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Behind the ranch is a small gully that amazingly full of Petroglyphs.  When settlers moved into the area, some tried their hand at making some of their own.  The differences are not only apparent in weathering, but in skill, time spent, and motive.  On our private tour, Gail told us the story of how the Native Americans lived here prosperously for years until the arrival of the Spaniards.


SP Crater, Arizona
jpeg03-15-01-1146.jpg (107069 bytes) SP Crater -- a cinder cone really.  Reubs found a huge, nearly perfectly shaped lava bomb about 20 feet from the rim, and hiked it all the way back to the van.


Badges?  We don't need no stink'n badges!
jpeg03-15-01-1358.jpg (102629 bytes)

jpeg03-15-01-1333.jpg (110149 bytes)

jpeg03-16-01-1153.jpg (206416 bytes)

It wouldn't have been the wild west without a couple of banditos and a lawman to bring 'em in!


Shiprock, New Mexico
jpeg03-15-01-1748.jpg (88620 bytes) Shiprock (an exposed volcanic neck) and one of its radiating dikes.
jpeg03-15-01-1756.jpg (96891 bytes) Nick walking back to the van after taking a closer look at a dike.  Curiously, the formation exhibited pillow-like structures, and unusual weathering.  Note the voids in the vertical wall where large sections have fallen out.  For a better idea of how large this feature is, check the photo below.
jpeg03-15-01-1756A.jpg (101792 bytes) The same dike as above, but looking toward Shiprock.  Note the red minivan for scale.
jpeg03-15-01-1810.jpg (82593 bytes) Shiprock.  Hmmm...  This might be good for wallpaper on my computer.
jpeg03-15-01-1814.jpg (112444 bytes) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Nick (left), Dave (center), and Reubs (right) 

jpeg03-15-01-1845.jpg (105050 bytes)

jpeg03-15-01-1851.jpg (97552 bytes)

Stopping off at the dike for one last look at this static display of amazing volcanism.



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