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What's New

May 21, 2001

Added link to tire size calculator on Wheels and Tires page

May 19, 2001

Added new Engine page

Added several new links on Links page

Added seat covers to Interior page

May 13, 2001

Added new page for my modified version of the  Rattle TSB

Updated original Rattle page

May 9, 2001

Added spare tire mounting pics on Wheels and Tires page

Added additional purchase link for Pilot Exhaust tip on Exhaust page

April 16, 2001

Added many new review links on Reviews page

Added Suspension page

April 11, 2001

Added Toyota Nose Mask to Deflectors and Masks page

Added Evans Cooling System info and several other topics to Performance page

April 10, 2001

Switched to FastFind search page

Completed Factory Options page

Added Wheels and Tires page

Head unit removal instructions on Stereo page

New side steps on Bars and Steps page

Updated Links page

April 5, 2001

Added new short mast antenna on Stereo page

April 4, 2001

Added What's New page

Added Signal Mirrors to Accessories

Added Common Problems page

Added Exhaust page