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Robyn MacKinnon Art and Design

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About Me/Portfolio

Occupation:  Artist, designer, craftswoman.
Education:  Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Fine Art, minor in Fashion from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. 
While I was getting my BFA, I focussed on painting and drawing as part of my major.  Drawing has been my strength for most of my life, which is helpful as it is has many different applications.  It was through NSCAD that I got into textiles which, unlike drawing, was something I hadn't been doing most of my life.  All of these mediums have been useful to me over the years. 

Computers and the internet have had a significant effect on my work, particularly when it comes to drawing.  A lot of my colour work starts as hand-drawn line art which I then coloured digitally, and even my black and white drawing get scanned into Photoshop for cropping and tidying in preparation for prints.  The internet has opened up the possibility of online printing to me, as well as the opportunity to promote my work to a wider audience. 

Shows & Exhibitions

  • Feb 18, 2012:  I was part of the “Local Motion” art show, put on by Gen Y Productions.   During this show I executed a live drawing, creating a piece of art during the length of the show. 
  • 2008 – 2012:  I took part in the Mount Saint Vincent University community art show, first as the family member of an alumna, the later as an employee. 
  • Winter 2009:  I participated in the NSCAD Grad show for my graduating class. 
  • 2007, 2008:  I took part in the NSCAD Feminist Collective show. 
  • 2006-2008:  I took part in the annual NSCAD wearable art show 3 times.   
  • Summer 2007:  I participated in the end of term show for the Largescale painting class I had been taking during the summer term (taught by Sheila Provazza).
  • Feb. 2006:  I took part in a production of the Vagina Monologues put on by the students & staff on St. Francis Xavier University.  My contribution was to show wearable works of art on a feminist theme (shown during intermission, modeled by SFX students). 
  • 2005, 2006, 2012:  I participated in the Dalhousie Student, Staff, Alumni, and Facaulty exhibition (as an alumna of King’s College). 
  • 2003:  I took part in the NSCAD Nightshift Exhibition.  


  • 2013:  Created posters and publicity art for two productions in the Atlantic Fringe Festival, namely Rebecca Schneideriet's "Silver Dagger" and Stewart Delo's "Monument Valley".  
  • 2013:  Submissions of my art work were accepted by Interstice for the current issue.
  • 2013:  I designed the logo for an up and coming community theatre troupe called B-Side Theatre, as well as the poster for their first production, "Copenhagen". 
  • 2012:  I was commissioned to design art work for the Art and Literature journal Sleipnir
  • 2012:  I designed the poster for the Halifax West High School class of 2002 10 year reunion. 
  • 2009:  I designed the cover/cd art for John Chaisson’s music album “Lonely Heart’s Club Jazz Band”. 
  • Fall 2002 – Winter 2005:  I submitted work regularly to “Wet Ink”, an online magazine for young artists (until I turned 20). 
  • 2001:  I designed the logo for the 2001 Altantic Rhythmic Gymnastics competition.  

Click on any of the images below to view the corresponding section of my online portfolio.  

Project for Largescale Painting class, 2007. 5X5.5' Title: Dancer

Ink and Pen Work
Life drawing - pen on paper.

Digital Work
Pen drawing coloured in Adobe Photoshop. Title: Beating Heart