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Robyn MacKinnon Art and Design

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Digital Work

Programs like Adobe Photoshop, and sites like Deviantart and Cafepress, have lead me to do more digital art.  Most of my work still starts on the drawing board, but I usually end up scanning it in for colouring and tidying up for prints. Recently, digital/online resources have helped me to combine my painting and drawing skills with my interest in textile art, thanks to a site called Spoonflower.  Through this site, I can have my designs printed on various types of fabric, which I can then order for use in my own projects.  There is even the opportunity to sell these fabrics with my designs on them. I look forward to exploring these possibilities further.  

My Deviantart Print Shop

My Cafepress Shop

Inkblot Beating Heart by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Inkblot Red Wine by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Angelic Irredescence by ~Eseopia on deviantART

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Inkblot Tea in Colour by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Luna Starlight by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Lace Butterfly - plain boarder by ~Eseopia on deviantART

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Art Minis - Dragon I in Colour by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Ballerina Snowflake by ~Eseopia on deviantART

Leaping Flame by ~Eseopia on deviantART

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