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Engineering Resources 

~Motorola Microcontroller's FREEWARE Data Services
~Motorola semi home page----Microcontroller 68HC11F1
~Real World Interface on the Web
68HCxx Internet Resources
Advanced MicroController Division
Advanced Robotics
Analog VLSI & Robotics Laboratory----STIQUITO Robot
BEAM resource
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters: introduction
Chip directory
Circuit Cellar BBS FTPmail File List
Circuit Land
Comp.Robotics.Misc FAQ
Control of Speed and Direction of a DC Motor Using Power FETs
Data Sheet Index
DC Motor Using Power FETs
DMS Resources
DonTronics PIC related links.
EG3: Electronic Engineering Net Resources
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Electronics Internet Resource Directory
Embedded C Resources
Embedded Electronics Directory
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: 68hc11 FAQ
Fred's Assorted Robotics Links
FTP Interface for Motorola Archives**.gz
HC11 library
Index of /lrc/Hypermuscle/
Internet AI and Robotics Resources
Internet Resources - Embedded, DSP, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Integrated Circuits, Realtime, CompactPCI, PC/104, PCI, STD, VMEbus) #1
Internet Resources - Embedded, DSP, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Integrated Circuits, Realtime, CompactPCI, PC/104, PCI, STD, VMEbus) #2
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation - ISP(tm)
Links to robotics and cybernetics
Literature Ordering
M68HC11 Home Page
Micro Control Journal
Microprocessor instruction set cards
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store Internet Link Directory
Motorola Microcontroller Technologies Group.
National Semiconductor
On-line Magazines, Journals and suppliers
Other Robot Sites
Preface of The Motorola Microprocessor Family
Programming and control of robots and intelligent machines (b)
Randy's Electronic Engineering Page
Related FAQs: sci.electronics
Robot Builder's Resources
Robot Competition FAQ
robot simulator
Robotic information
Robotic Internet Resources Page
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents
Robotics Internet Resources Page
Robotics Resources
Robotics Resources---68HC11 C Compilier
Robotics---ITU Tech - resources on www
Robotics---ITU Tech- resources FTP
Robotics---Walking---technical info
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Table of Contents (ToC)
Sharp IR detectors
Technical robot library
Technological Arts
Technology Net
The Mini Board Technical Reference
The Robot Menu
The Robot Menu
WebCompass Personal Edition: Search Results
What is Robotics
Yahoo Search Results
Yahoo! - Science:Engineering:Mechanical Engineering:Robotics
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents
Robot Information Central (Arricks Robotics)
Jeff's Robotics Links-( I'm tryin to make MY page look as good as this !
Info on Hobby Robots (from comp.robotics.)
Internet Robotics Sources -( Indiana .edu )
Robotics Internet Resources Page - (from University of Massachusettes)
RAGMAN'S PAGE OF FAVORITE LINKS - links for Everything Interesting ! !
Robot Information Central - ( no relation -
Robotics Internet Resources - ( Eg3- )
The WWW Home Page of Tomi Engdahl - WoW - Lotsa link pages for elec. etc
Sylvain Bissonnette's Bookmarks - -Electronic Links (from France - - )
Excite Search Results for- robotics hardware
AI and Robotics Resource List - ( Neural Networks & stuff )
Welcome to Peter Anderson's home page.
Zorin Links Page
Robotics in Japan
Hobbyist Robotics Page
Everything you wanted to know about GAMEBOY - ( Programming for - etc )
Web Links - from SSD Servo-controllers - (under construction-)
The Robot Menu -( TONS of PICS ! of just about Everyones Robots ! ! ! )
Microcontroller MPU Net Resources
Other Cool Robot Places - courtesy of P.A.R.T.S.
Electronics on the Web - Title Page
Greg and David's C64 Web page
Robotic Resources -( tbuch - )
Robot Wars Gallery
DonTronics PIC related links.
Fred's Assorted Robotics Links - has Handyboard Homepage - )
Graduate students who is who in robotics
Other Robot Sites - courtesy of Florida State University - )
On-line Robotics Magazines, Journals and suppliers
Technical robot library
Robbie the Running Robot - Other Walking-Mobile Robot Sites
EG3- Electronic Engineering Net Resources
RoboHoo . . . links
Craig's Railway - Electronics - PWM
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters- introduction
Electronics info page - Tom Engdahl - )
Useful Links - ( 68HC11 downloads - Motorolla freeware etc. )
Embedded Systems Internet Resources
TYCOCAM Hack info !! (pcats11) (gives info on hacking into the popular tyco-cam (can be found occasionally for $50 and under))
Adding extra TX channels!(Info on Upgrading a 4-Channel rc-transmitter to an 7-channel ! ! ! !)
elektrolliks for newbies - form Christopher Lloyd -
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- - - A LITTLE MOTOR INFO - - - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4QD-Interesting circuits -( entire site has LOTS of electronics advice )
MOSFET H-Bridge Schematic & Theory Eugene Blanchard
Control of Speed and Direction of a DC Motor Using Power FETs
AVEOX Motors for Remote Control Planes and Cars
MaxCim Brushless DC Motors and Digital Speed Controllers
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- - - STEPPER MOTORS - - - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stepper Motors - ( page devoted to )
Controlling Stepper Motors
The Control of Stepper Motors by Douglas W. Jones
Floppy the Robot Homepage ( cute . . with how-to instructions too !! -)
The difference between Stepper motors, Servos, RC Servos
!!!!!!!!!!!!- - - SERVOS etc. - - - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RC Servo Motor Basics by Ahmet ONAT
Hacking a Servo by Kevin Ross
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner- Ports- Serial FAQ
!!!!!!!!!!!! - - - PARALLEL PORTS && SERIAL PORTS - - - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fil's FAQ-Ports- TOC .(wow has info for para.port- rs232- game-488-more)
IBM Parallel Port FAQ-Tutorial Version 0.96 (very complete!)
Parallel Port
The Internet Science Park Main Gateway Page - ( Coming Soon )
Parallel Port FAq by Zhahai Stewart
Robot Builder's Bonanza
Robot Magazine
Android World - (WOW ! . . Android Pointers to net-info GALORE ! (a site after my own heart))

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - - - - Circuit Layout and PCB Fabrication -- - -!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vultrax Electronics CAD software
ExpressPCB  A great place to have your PCBs made. Easy-to-use software
IVEX PCB layout software company



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