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HISTORY IN THE MAKING!!!!!  We are Tampa Chaverot, the Bay area's first and only social organization for Jewish Lesbians (and their lesbian partners of any background).


Looking to connect with womyn of similar cultural and traditional backgrounds?? You've come to the right place!!!  Tampa Chaverot is not a religous group, nor is it a dating service.  We are simply a group of exciting and energetic womyn who come together to share politcal views, business tips, family recipes, and to support each other through our shared Jewish experiences and identities. All Jewish Lesbians (18 years old and up) are encouraged to attend a meeting!!  Shmooze, argue, laugh, and shmooze some more!!!


Important Announcements!!!

FALL, 2004    ok, so its not quite FALL yet, but we just had our summer meeting, and we may not get to update this till the fall, so we'll just go with FALL for now!!!!
girls, this past meeting at sandy and veronica's was by far one of our best!!! our most gracious hostesses provided a warm down-home ambiance in their gorgeous abode, and we had perfect weather, excellent food, GREAT music (piano playing, singing and dancing!!), and 30 of the finest lesbians in our area!!! here's what some of the girls had to say the next day.....
"great time at sandy and veronica's!!"   suzanne in largo
"great to get to talk!! i really enjoyed the party and was surprised to see it was after 7 when we left."  ann in gulfport
"Thank you for welcoming me to Tampa Chaverot. I enjoyed the afternoon. It's only been 8 mos. since I moved from Manhattan, and I desperately miss  interaction with like-minded and interesting women. What a joyous surprise it is to have found you. Would you kindly give me Sandy and Veronica's email address? I would like to personally thank them for hosting the afternoon."   sonny in st. pete
"so nice to see our friends and meet great new people.  i'm so glad we actually got into the pool!!"   shoshana in south tampa
"Just wanted to let you know we had a great time at Sandy and Veronica's house. It was a super idea and it was so nice to get together with such a nice group of people.  It's great when everyone is so friendly."   bev in town 'n country
WANT TO JOIN IN THE FUN????  NEXT MEETING IS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 6:30 pm, at a restaurant in always, details will be mailed to all members.
please bookmark this site, and check back often for updates!!!!  And if you are not currently a member, WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN!!! So please, for any questions, email us at  Can't wait to see you all!!!!!
also.......dont  miss our photo page!!!  we are indeed a group of VERY gorgeous womyn!!!
finally, WORLDPRIDE 2005 is being held in JERUSALEM, and Tampa Chaverot is forming a group to be there!!!!  this will be an outstanding opportunity to connect with jewish lesbians from all over the world!!! if you would like more information contact us ASAP!!! you can also check out our "favorite links" page, and learn more about the WORLDPRIDE festival.

Please pray with us for peace, shalom, in the middle east.